Friday, July 12, 2013

ALA in Chicago 2013!

Welcome to the 2013 American Library Association Conference!
In beautiful, cool Chicago!

You know you are at a library conference when you see ads like these.

I met lots of wonderful librarians.
Can you identify which person in this picture is a librarian?
I think you can.

Happy to see some people come suitably attired to ALA.

A little jazz.

Some librarians can really get down.

Long lines for authors.

But who cares if you are in a long line when you can make new friends?
Another round of "I Love My White Shoes," please!

Some librarians accumulated a lot of ribbons.

 But what do we come for? Right, the authors. 
Here are authors Lois Lowry and Tamora Pierce.

The Pinkneys sign simultaneously.

 Authors Marilyn Singer and Jarrett Krosoczka. So much fun!

The bottom line?
A hefty 225 books scored!

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  1. My son absolutely LOVED his autographed Pete the Cat book! He couldn't believe it's his forever (I guess this means we've checked them out a few too many times!).

  2. Looks like a wonderful event! I wish we lived closer to a big city library. Ah, the joys of living in Podunk. NOT!

  3. What fun, and what a book bonanza you acquired! Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  4. It does look like a wonderful and fun event. Is there a collective noun for a group of librarians I wonder? A shelf of librarians? A stack of librarians?A volume of librarians?
    Thanks for visiiting my blog.

  5. Wow! I want that stack of books! Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  6. Love those possible collective nouns for groups of librarians, Christine!

  7. Holy smokes that was one big book acquisition! What fun, though, to meet all those authors and meet up with fellow book hounds!

  8. I hope someday I'm asked to sign books at an ALA convention. Looks like fun, and I visited two libraries today, strictly to take out material.Here's Mine

  9. My coworker was there -- she's pregnant, I'm sure you remember her....LOL

    Seriously, these were fun ph0tos.

  10. Yes, I'm sure I saw her...there were only 20,000 librarians there! LOL

  11. What an amazing event. It looks sensational. Did the authors do sessions too? Interesting to see the Hannah Kent poster, she's a young Australian author who has just made a very big splash there with Burial Rites, which sounds amazing, a historical novel set in Iceland. Did you see her? Get the book? What are the ribbons for?

  12. What fun!! How on earth do you get all of the books home?! Have a great day, Deb!

  13. I love that the banner you showed was an Australian author with her debut novel, Burial Rites.
    It's had lots of positive press here - glad to see Hannah is making her mark overseas as well :-)

  14. The authors did meet-and-greet sessions. I'm not one for waiting in long lines, as a general rule, but when the author and illustrator of Pete the Cat is signing? All rules go out the window.

    I never actually saw Hannah Kent herself, but I happily snagged a copy of her book.

    And there are, apparently, ribbons for everything. My own ribbon bouquet was far more humble (it was my first time at ALA) but it was fun to see the accumulated ribbons of library greats.

  15. Getting the books home can be a problem. In the past, I've toted an extra suitcase. This time, my husband drove up and joined me in Chicago, and we rode home together. In his pickup truck.

  16. I sensed that the author of Burial Rites was a debut author, but I did not realize she was Australian.

  17. This looks like such fun.

    Holy Toldeo on your stack of books.

    Burial Rites was featured at the BEA too. I guess I should read it sooner than later.

    THANKS for sharing.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Saturday Snapshot

  18. I LOVE how you stacked the books.

    Very clever.

  19. How exciting! I would have loved to make it to this, but hopefully another year :) It sounds like you had a great time!

  20. Wow! I'm never shocked but always amazed at how much you bring home from ALA every year. What are the ribbons for?

  21. The librarians look like a fun group. And, that is an amazing wall of books!

  22. I'm not exactly sure what the ribbons are for. They give them out for serving on a committee, for being a librarian, for being a blogger (!), and for other things, I suppose.

  23. Wow - what a score! Looks like a really fun event.

  24. So jealous of your awesome haul!

  25. That's why we spend so much time nabbing ARCs and toting them home...we want others to be jealous of our pirate treasure.

  26. (Should anyone worry that I've become a greedy book maniac, gleefully guarding my piles and piles of reading material that fill the rooms of my house.....No, I should post photos of the dwindling stacks...just yesterday, I sent my friend off with bags of junior high book treasures which she will distribute to her school's avid readers....)

  27. You were an excellent photographic chronicler of your time at ALA! I think I came back with one photo taken of me with an author. 225 books! Holy moly! You are a wonder. I'm worried that I won't get to read the 40+ books I shipped back.;-)


  28. I'm really, really good at acquiring free books at conferences. I could write a book on it.


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