Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Top Ten Words that Will Stop Me From Picking Up a Book

Top Ten Words that Will Stop Me From Picking Up a Book

Oh dear.  This is a hard one for me. 
Ten words that will stop me from picking up a book?  
Me?  Honestly?  I read everything. 

Well, almost everything.
There are a few things I do not read. 

Here goes then...the top ten words that will stop me from picking up a book....

1. Romance. Especially Harlequin Romance.

2. Action-packed thriller. And action-packed spy novel
Honestly, anything that is action-packed. 
I like my stories as action-less as possible.

3. Textbook.
Does anybody get excited thinking about reading a textbook?

4. Self-help. 
Authors of self-help books seem like know-it-alls.

5. Witch. Or zombie. Or vampire. Or any scary monster.
See #6.

6. Scary.
I am a big scared-y cat baby.

7. Math. And Science.
I apologize for this.
I've tried and tried to like these.
I just can't.

8. Celebrity.
I just really don't care about the empty lives of these empty people.

9. Sports
It's hard to raise two sports-crazy sons without reading a sports book or two.
And there were a couple I really loved, 
like The Last Shot and Bill Bradley's Values of the Game.
But, mostly, no sports.

10. Bestseller
If there is anything that will put me off a book, it's this word. 
If it's a bestseller, I probably won't like it.

Hope I didn't step on any toes.

How about you? What words on a book cover will make you put that book back on the shelf?

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  1. I like a good crime novel. Larsson's Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series was excellent. I don't know if any of the words you mention were used to describe the books. I don't like the word "bestseller" either.

  2. Ah! I love this list! Textbook is a brilliant choice.

  3. Haha textbooks! Very true. I barely read those in school. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was too scary for me. I tried it. I'm sorry, but it was too scary.

  5. Love these. No, I don't enjoy reading textbooks, although some of them at least try to be a little entertaining (medical textbooks do the dry humour thing a lot).
    Mh and I agree with everything on your list, except I've found some math-y, sciency books that I enjoyed, like The Black Swan and A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper.

  6. Alright, I'm off to add Mathematician Reads the Newspaper. I feel hopeful. Thanks.

  7. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of math/scienc-y books myself. And I will probably never understand the appeal of self-help books... Great list!

  8. It's funny. I read (and love) lots of children's math and science books. Maybe the grownup books are just too hard for me.

  9. I'm not into self-help or romance books either! And that especially goes for romance self-help books!

  10. We have similar tastes. Loved your comment about action-packed. Haha. Thanks for stopping by my TTT.


  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm with you on #6 and 8. It bugs me when I look in the biography section and it's mostly memoirs of celebrities while I have to dig to find historical personalities. Argh... :-)

  12. Nice list! Agree on most of them (except for the romance of course :p I'm too cheesy) Follow your blog now ;)

  13. Self-help authors seem awfully full-of-themselves, I think.

  14. I am a sucker for romance, Eline. I will read a book that is heavy on the romance even if it's a bit sappy.

    Thanks for the follow!

  15. Ugh...self-help is a kiss of death for me. My boyfriend loves them, but I always feel like they're preachy and really condescending. Definitely not for me. Great list! ;)

  16. Celebrity bios? Don't see the appeal. Then again my dad always said that everybody puts their trousers on one pant leg at a time.

  17. I think, Melissa, if I knew someone who was living an amazing, happy life and I found out they had written a self-help book, well, that might work. But, mostly, it seems like they are trying to walk their way through problems just like all of us.

  18. I like a good scary book (I'm a Stephen King fan), but I don't like overly violent books.

    I also like the paranormal/fantasy stuff.

    I'm also not into Sports or Celebrity books.

    There are so many more words/topics than I thought of for my list this week.

    My Top Ten

  19. Sports made my list this week too. I prefer watching them than reading about them xP

    My TTT

  20. Amen. Especially "celebrity."

  21. I totally agree with the witch/vampire/etc. one. One whiff of that and the book is off my radar.

    Another one of mine is anything that mentions environmental issues--this morning I was looking at a (fiction) book and the first line of the synopsis said: "A Thousand Acres and Empire Falls meet during the present hydrofracking controversy as a beleaguered patriarch must decide the fate of his land and children in this enveloping family drama" Yawn...

    One last entirely personal turn-off is any book where the main character is wrongly accused of something and has to spend the entire book proving their innocence. Can't stand those.

  22. Definitely with you on texbooks, harlequin romances, and math or science. I'll read the occasional thriller and I love YA spy novels (the Heist Society books are fun). Great list! Thanks for stopping by mine!

  23. Celebrity and romance are two words that make me pass on a book every time.

  24. Right there with you on Celebrity too!! And will severely hesitate at romance. ;)

  25. Why didn't I think of celebrity and sports? Like you, if someone offered them to be, I'll be um, no thank you.
    Great list & thanks for stopping by my TTT! (:

  26. Your list made me laugh. It is clear that cliches are not for you.

  27. hahaha textbook. that's a big yes to skipping a book if there's ever one. thanks for stopping by my TTT :)

    -michelle @ Michelle & Leslie's Book Picks

  28. I agree mostly with you, but I do love vampire and witch books :)

    El @ So Bookalicious

  29. Very nice list Deb! Totally with you on self-help, math/science, and action books (if its YA action, I will probably read it, but not Adult) I can't say I'm crazy about Sports either. Now vampires, witches, etc- I just love. :D

    Thanks for stopping by my TTT!

    Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

  30. Yep. I know there are lots of vampire/witch/other cool monster-ish creature people. Just not me.

  31. I've been enjoying reading these lists. I agree with a lot of yours, although I find I do OK with fiction that has a math or science theme even though I'm not necessarily drawn to them. I don't mind some crime fiction and paranormal, but sports and celebrity bios are a definite turnoff for me!

  32. a lot of those are stop words for me too. coming of age does it for me sometimes, and things like "one special summer. barf.

  33. I might do okay with a book where math or science is strictly a theme. Not like reading an entire book about irrational numbers or wave particles.

  34. I definitely agree with you on celebrity. There are biographies, and then there's books about people who are famous for not having done much at all.



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