Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Little Bloggiesta, a New-ish Header, and Twenty Book Reviews

What I Read (and Reviewed) Lately

covertitleauthoravg ratingreview
Ronia, the Robber's Daughter
Matt makes his living by stealing from travelers and he makes an old castle his headquarters. On the night his daughter, Ronia, is born, a lightning bolt...more
A Kid for Two Farthings
I can still hear these people talk; the characters are that real. It’s a street in London, but it could be a street in NYC in the middle of the last c...more
The Wonderful Farm
The farm is a wonderful farm. It’s a regular farm except that the animals can talk and mysterious things happen. Each chapter is another wonderful adv ...more
Mindset: The New Psychology of Success
You know what this is. Another leadership book. Change your mindset. To this one.
Once Upon an Alphabet: Short Stories for All the Letters
Oh my. Gotta read this one, no matter what your age. A nice story for each letter of the alphabet.
Superstars of History
All about the most famous people that have ever lived. Told in first person. In comic book style.
9 1/2 Narrow: My Life in Shoes
Patricia Morrisroe is me. And you. And you, too. All of us American Baby Boomers.

And 9 Narrow is a memoir of her life. You will read it and nod your

If You Find This
Nicholas is one of those kids that isn’t fitting in and he knows it. His dad is off in another part of the state working and his mom is trying to make...more
The Grasshopper & the Ants
You know it’s going to be good the minute you see Jerry Pinkney’s name on the cover. And, of course, it’s even better than you might have hoped. Not j ...more
I Love You, Blankie
Sometimes you wonder if it’s all been said. Then you run across a little story like I Love You, Blankie and you know, happily, there are lots of fabul ...more
One Witch at a Time
There’s trouble in Brixen, and Rudi knows he better get a handle on it. A stranger has come to town, offering to trade magic beans. Pretty soon, Rudi ...more
My Secret Guide to Paris
Nora desperately wants to visit Paris. Her grandmother has shared story after story with her of the delights of the city, and now Nora hopes to finall ...more
Living Color: Painting, Writing, and the Bones of Seeing
Goldberg was my first introduction into the simplicity of writing every day. Now she is my first intro into painting every day.

She takes away our fea
Art Before Breakfast: A Zillion Ways to be More Creative No Matter How Busy You Are
Art should be like breakfast: something you do every day. And if there is anyone who can guide you into seeing art opportunities in your everyday life ...more
The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert: Take a Whiff of That
Isn’t this fun? Yes, it’s a real scratch and sniff book. And, no, you probably won’t become a wine expert, but you will know lots more about this myst ...more
Sketch!: The Non-Artist's Guide to Inspiration, Technique, and Drawing Daily Life
In January I received Sketch!: The Non-Artist's Guide to Inspiration, Technique, and Drawing Daily Life from the publisher.

And I started drawing.


Redwall (Redwall, #1)
It’s the rare book that my sons have recommended to me...the rare book whose author I have actually met and heard speak and adored...the rare book tha ...more

The Year of Reading Dangerously: How Fifty Great Books (and Two Not-So-Great Ones) Saved My Life
First, let’s make a few things clear: Andy Miller does not read dangerously. He does not save his life by reading. And he only reads fifty great books ...more
It’s an uncomfortable feeling to read a good book with a main character you don’t like. Hausfrau is one such good book. The first sentence sets the mo ...more
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Chronicles of Narnia, #3)
How embarrassed I feel to admit that I haven’t read this book before now? Very embarrassed. It’s been recommended to me a million times. But the truth ...more 


Whew! It feels so good to get all of these book reviews posted here.

I didn't do much with Bloggiesta, but I did a couple of things I wanted. I worked on my blog header. (Do you like the slight changes?) And I updated my perpetual challenges. I hope to get in on a Twitter party if I can get the time right. (3 pm today Eastern time would be 4 pm today Central time, right?)

I want to take a look at A Day in the Life of a Blogger when I get a chance. Very fun, Trish.

How about you? How did Bloggiesta go for you? Are you caught up?

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  1. Nope. But then again, I don't do reviews, so nothing to be caught up on. :)

  2. "Review" is a loose term. Not sure most people would call my reviews "reviews."

  3. I didn't do Bloggeista but I need too. I've got so many bits and pieces of projects to get done that keep getting neglected. And yes 3 Eastern is 4 Central. It gets confusing getting all the times changed around! Have a great week and congratulations on 20 reviews!

    1. The time is so confusing to me! Missed it yesterday because of that. Hope to make it today.

  4. Your header looks great! I am trying to visualize what was there before...has there been a shift in size...color?

    I want to read Hausfrau. Enjoy your new week, and thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. I didn't do a lot to the header; I just added some more color.

  5. I updates a few things, too, during bloggiesta and have a few other things I still need to do to update and make the blog more friendly. I honestly don't notice the difference in your header. I still like it, whatever you did.

    1. Your blog is quite friendly, Anne. Interesting to see how you'll make it more so.

  6. Nice header. And I like the big organized block of reviewed stuff. Didn't do Bloggiesta.Should have.

  7. I did a few things during Bloggiesta. Now, I just have to write some reviews and posts. Have you ever heard of the book Drawing with Children? Belle (Ms. Bookish) recommended it to me. She says it's a good book for adults too.

  8. I like the "more color" header. But it was always pretty. 20 reviews. Wow. You go, girl!!

  9. Wow! A huge list of books there Deb! And the blog's looking great.


  10. I actually did not join Bloggiesta officially but I changed the whole lay out of my blog. Still fine tuning a bit but I like the looks. Isn't it great to get a lot of reviews out of the way. Have a great week!

  11. I missed all the fun with BOTH bloggiesta and Trish's Day in the Life event. Sigh. At least it was a good reading week ;-)


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