Sunday, March 13, 2016

Am I Ready for Spring Break? I Am

What I Finished Last Week

Tsh Oxenreider tells her family's story of trying to make a simple, real life ...more
There are no heroes in this book. In the same way, however, there are also no bad guys. This is the story of how the drive for profit has ruined lives ...more
There’s a reason why old tales continue to be told: old tales are amazing. This is a collection of what might be said to be the best stories in the world ...more
Read the subtitle before you start telling me what an amazing reader I am. Full disclosure here: It's a graphic novel of Proust's mega-tome. I must say ...more
My first impression of Pope Francis is his simplicity. I like that so much, his willingness to seek out a simple lifestyle amid the complexity of the ...more

What I'm Reading Now

Did I tell you it's spring break here? Can you hear the tiredness in my voice today? Yes, it's been busy this winter...or maybe I'm just getting old? In any case, I am ready for spring break. My plan is to unplug and walk and read and ride my bike and visit and drink coffee and cook some nice meals and spend some time with people I love.

The main thing I plan to read (or, in actuality, reread) is Lonesome Dove. I want to linger over the story and linger over the characters this week. 

Because I'm a teacher, I not only checked out the book from the library, but I also checked out the movie and a book of photos from the movie. A total Lonesome Dove week.

My reading spot for the week. Stop by and see me this week. I'll be out here.

What Arrived Last Week

What are you reading today?!

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  1. We are celebrating Spring break here as well. I hope to get outside with my camera and capture a few nature photos.

    I LOVE immersing myself in a story by reading the book and then watching the movie tie-in. I hope you enjoy your Lonesome Dove vacation.

  2. Enjoy your time in that beautiful spot there Deb- you've earned your spring break. Your azalea is so pretty.

    1. The azaleas are always such a beautiful surprise. My sister's neighbor was cleaning out her flower beds thirty years ago and my sister scavenged three azaleas for me. They still bloom every year.

  3. DEFINITELY ready for spring! Great books and what a gorgeous place to read ... do I notice a color coordination with the blog going on? ;)

  4. Enjoy Spring break! I remember loving it when I was in college, but in my work life later, I was not a teacher, but a social no spring break. But the kids I worked with had the break, so we could change up our activities.

    I am curious about Evicted.

    I have read and enjoyed some McMurtry books and movies...somehow, I missed Lonesome Dove. Should I rectify that?

    Love your reading spot! Here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

    1. I adore Lonesome Dove. I definitely advise you to rectify your lack of Dove.

  5. Your reading spot makes me want to have a tantrum of jealousy!! I just sold my house with a porch. Enjoy for me too!! I'm looking up Evicted as we speak!!!

    I'm also jealous of spring break. Off to work as usual tomorrow here.

  6. Enjoy Spring break! I bought a copy of Lonesome Dove last year because I just always wanted to read it! I missed the mini series so many years ago, but I've heard so many wonderful things about the book! Hope you enjoy reading it!

  7. That really a gorgeous reading spot - filled with azaleas, right? Hope you have a good week reading with lots of rest, not too much humidity, rain only at night, and some cool-ish breezes!

  8. I think the graphic version is the only way I'll ever read Proust ;-)
    Your reading spot looks very inviting - enjoy!

  9. I'm vaguely familiar with Lonesome Dove but not any of the other books that you mentioned. I hope you enjoy them all! Have a great week!

    SP & STS
    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know
    Also, check out my 5th Blogoversary Giveaway!

  10. Some heavy reading there Deb! Enjoy Lonesome Dove.... I kinda remember when the mini series was on TV the first time. I'm not sure I watched it... but am showing my age either way!

  11. I wish my school had a Spring Break. We don't have any long vacations except Christmas. We get Good Friday and Easter Monday for our Spring Break and could have lost Easter Monday if we had had more snow this winter. I envy your reading and relaxing time. Here is my week. Happy reading!

  12. What a GORGEOUS place to sit and read on your break....ENJOY!!

    I remember my dad reading Lonesome Dove. :)

    We never had an official spring break....just Good Friday and sometimes Easter Monday, and it was called Easter Vacation. :) We always used the Thursday before and the Monday after for snow days. I think my district has the entire three days this year. Being retired makes you forget how many days you have off. LOL!!

    Have a wonderful week...sounds lovely.

    Silver's Reviews
    My It's Monday, What Are You Reading

  13. Today I am reading The Dolocher, which I don't think is out in the US tonight - plus a Heather Gudenkrauf, for the first time, I've no idea what to expect, it's called Missing Pieces and is for a Blog Tour. I've discovered so many books I wouldn't normally pick out by doing a Blog Tour - it's a literary lucky dip. If you like crime fiction, my blog is at and I'm on Twitter @crimeworm1 - I live in Scotland.

  14. Oh and what I actually came on here to say is - I love Lonesome Dove; great pick!

  15. Your reading spot is beautiful. If I was close by, I would come and sit with you. I'll bring some cake or pie and you can brew the coffee.

    I'm about 100 pages into Evicted and it's really not a happy story at all.

    I hope everything you read this quiet week is good and you recharge.


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