Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Characters Others Love But I Don't

Carefully trying to avoid stepping on toes here....

Edward (and, frankly, all vampires). 
He's old, for one thing. And he drinks your blood.

Owen Meany. 

The Bridges of Madison County main characters.
People who did the wrong thing. And tried to justify it.

Miss Hickory.
If you don't know this character, she's the title character of a book of the same name.
And she's a doll. And she's made of wood.

Hitty: Her First Hundred Years.
Yep. Another old favorite book with a doll character.

Honestly, what is Gatsby? Yes, he's a stalker.

Under the Volcano main character.
He does nothing but drink and make scenes.
Perhaps I should have compassion for him. I just don't.

On the Road characters.
Privileged people who drink and complain and drive around and think lascivious thoughts.

(I'm ready for the tomatoes coming at me...here goes...)
Nancy Drew
So la-di-da good that she could have stepped forward to throw the first stone.
Please. No one is that good. Especially not a teen.

All those little duckies and horsies and other cutesy animals 
as main characters in those oh-so-sweet children's books.
Just too sweet.

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  1. I'm finding it soooo ironic that I totally forgot to mention any Twilight characters as I couldn't stand the lot of them! LOL! They're sooo far off my radar now I can't even remember to list them for characters I don't like posts!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. I like your list! LOL about Twilight, and I think I had similar thoughts about Bridges of Madison County. As for Nancy Drew, I enjoyed those and the Hardy Boys but yeah- not exactly realistic. :)

  3. Gatsby is a newly rich trying to fit in with the wealthy narcissistic Gilded Age folks, but is damnably scre---ed by them instead.

  4. Yes on the Bridges of Madison County! It so annoyed me. I do love The Great Gatsby but Gatsby himself is more than a little troubled and I never could really see the story as a romance. As for Nancy she's definitely over-perfect but we will have to agree to disagree!

  5. Love this list! Edward bothered me because he was so controlling. I didn't mind the blood thing. :-)

  6. I haven't read Twilight yet but all I know about it is that Edward is a creepy stalker. :D

  7. I laughed and laughed about this list. Yes, there are some on the list that I like (Nancy Drew - really Deb????), but others that I'd say 'yep'. I'll confess that I liked Jacob better than Edward and Charlie better than both of them. But don't diss my Harry Potter (oh you didn't did you?). ;-)

  8. I have never understood the love the Gatsby gets! He definitely earned his spot on this list :p

    My TTT.

  9. I totally agree with you about Edward and Gatsby. We'll just ignore the whole Nancy Drew misstep ;) My TTT

  10. The only one of these I'm really familiar with is Edward! I didn't hate him, but I didn't love him either. I never really had a "team" in that battle!

    Here are my Top Ten!

  11. I knew I was going to come across someone that mentions Edward eventually. I can absolutely understand that :D
    - Jen from The Bookavid

  12. Oh, Bridges! My parents bought that because my dad heard rumor that the main character was based on an old protege of his. We all thought it was awful! And while I read a bunch of Nancy Drew in 2nd grade, as soon as I found other mysteries, I left her in the dust. Boring!

    1. I never could have revealed my distaste for Nancy Drew while my mom was alive.


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