Sunday, July 17, 2016

Children's Books Set in Paris: A Definitive List

I'm heading off to a writing class way out in west Texas. While I'm traveling today, I thought I'd leave this little Paris in July post....

I pride myself on trying to read every children's book ever written that takes place in Paris. 

Here is the definitive list:

No Dogs Allowed. 

This is Paris. 

Everybody Bonjours. 

Adèle & Simon. 

A Lion in Paris.

Oops by Fromental

The Inside-Outside Book of Paris. 

Paris in the Spring with Picasso. 

Not for Parents Paris: Everything You Wanted to Know

Mirette on the High Wire

Madame Martine

Ooh-la-la: Max in Love

An Armadillo in Paris

Secret Letters 0 to 10

The Incredible Painting of Felix Clousseau

A Spree in Paree


The Cat Who Walked Across France

Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin! 


Chasing Degas

Belinda in Paris

A Walk in Paris. 

Crepes by Suzette

Kiki and Coco in Paris

Henri's Walk to Paris

Charlotte in Paris

Come With Me to Paris



A Giraffe Goes to Paris

The Family Under the Bridge

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

My Secret Guide to Paris

The Cows Are Going to Paris

Come Fly with Me by Ichikawa

Different Like Coco

Sandy's Circus: A Story About Alexander Calder

Lily B. on the Brink of Paris

Mira's Diary: Lost in Paris

Minette’s Feast. 

Bon Appétit! The Delicious Life of Julia Child

Lots of books where famous characters go to Paris. 
Eloise in Paris. Minnie and Moo Go to Paris. Flat Stanley in Paris.

And a wonderful early chapter book, Dodsworth in Paris.

Good grief...can't forget Madeleine!

August 2016 Update:  The magnificent Louise of A Strong Belief in Wicker loves lists. She took my list and added some titles of her own which makes my definitive list perhaps not quite so definitive. Here are my list and Louise's list (my list in the first column and Louise's list in the second) alphabetized in a lovely Google doc, with titles I missed (good grief, I forgot The Three Musketeers!) in yellow. Here's Louise's list in full, with lots of links to her delightful reviews. You can vote for or add to books on this list on Goodreads.

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  1. SO many great books I must read!! Thank you for helping me pass the time while healing :)

  2. Impressive! I've actually read several of these...

  3. Have fun at your writing workshop. I have read a few of the older ones of these. Come see my reading week here. Happy reading!

  4. Mirette on the High Wire was one of my childhood favorites. I got it at the book fair as a little girl and I love that I can read it with my kids now!

  5. I have a few more -- unless you don't count the Louvre as part of Paris. Examples:
    --Katie and the Mona Lisa by James Mayhew
    --Molly Meets Mona and Friends: A Magical Day in the Museum by Gladys Walker and Denise Bennett Minnerly

    Making a list like this is a good idea!

    bet... mae at

  6. What a lot of children's books set in Paris. My great-niece hates France and says it's boring, because she's upset that we plan to move there, so I'll have to see if I can tempt her with any of these books. I've already given her the complete Madeleine set. She's 6.
    Thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  7. Wow! I need to check out these children's books! Here’s my Sunday Post!

  8. Ha! As I scrolled through the list I thought, "what about Madeleine?" Whew. Good catch!

  9. Awesome collection. Im pleased to say I've read some of these but theres many here i still must find. Love this post!

  10. I remember sitting on the floor in the University bookshop whilst my parents were looking for, I dare say, a book, and feeling the pressure to read as many books from the children's section as I possibly could in the impossibly short time that I would have. That was a long time ago, but your list, and the beautiful book covers, bring back fond memories.

  11. What an absolutely sensational list. So many that I haven't heard of before! Quite a few that I've read though too. Just looking at this list is making my online shopping fingers itch... Paris-Chien and Secret Letters particularly.


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