Sunday, July 31, 2016

Inprint Margarett Root Brown Reading Series in Houston 2016-2017

Shhhhhhh! Don't tell my husband but I just spent $180 buying season tickets to Inprint Margarett Root Brown Reading Series in Houston. I know, I know, it's a lot of money, but I decided today that I need to put my money where my mouth is; if I'm going to say I support books and literacy and thinking, I need to spend money on books and literacy and thinking.

Besides, several times I've tried to buy tickets for an author reading and they were sold out. It won't happen with season tickets. Plus, look at all the benefits:

  • Seating in the reserved section for each of the seven readings. Seats held until 7:25 pm.
  • Signed copy of Jonathan Safran Foer’s new novel Here I Am, available for pick up at the reading. Those who purchase two season tickets per household will receive a signed copy of George Saunders’ new novel Lincoln in the Bardo as the second book.
  • Free parking passes for each of the seven readings in the Alley Theatre garage.
  • Access to the first-served “Season Subscriber” book-signing line.
  • Recognition as a “Season Subscriber” in each reading program.
  • An acknowledgement letter for tax purposes.
And...look who are coming this year:

Jonathan Safron Foer...September 19       Lauren Groff & Ann Patchett...October 17

 Rabih Alameddine & Juan Gabriel Vásquez...November 21    Annie Proulx...January 23

George Saunders...March 6       Ada Limón & Gregory Pardlo...April 3

Colm Tóibín...May 8

I feel so fortunate to live near a city that has these wonderful author events. Maybe I will see you there.

What Arrived in the Mail

What I Finished 

We listened to two mystery audiobooks, one on the way to West Texas, and one on the way home, both by my favorite mystery writer, Bill Crider. That's what a 9 1/2 hour drive to the other side of the state will do for you. Oh my, did we love hearing the story of guitar-playing Dr. C. P. "Seepy" Benton in Of All Sad Words. And does Bigfoot live in Texas? That's what Sheriff Dan Rhodes has to find out in A Mammoth Murder. We were entranced for nineteen hours and that's no small feat.

I finally finished my foodie Paris books, The Little Paris Kitchen and Bonjour KaleI've had The Little Paris Kitchen for a while, but I've been saving it to read carefully during Paris in July. I'd hoped to try some of the recipes for Weekend Cooking, but it just didn't happen...maybe next year. Nevertheless, it was fun to browse through stories and recipes as Rachel Khoo proves to us that it doesn't take a fancy kitchen to cook up a little la joie de vivre. I was a little reluctant to try Bonjour Kale. Yes, I adore Paris, but  a story about the woman who reintroduces Paris to kale? Happily, Kristen Beddard is a solid writer, and her passion for kale has convinced me to give this healthy-food vegetable a try. Preferably in Paris, but who knows?

Finally, I can't say enough good about Emotional Agility. It is sad to realize that in this day of plenty so many people suffer from depression and anxiety. Emotional Agility is full of wisdom for these woes. Susan David walks us through ways to dance your way through troubles. Don't think it's another of those dry textbook self-help books, though; David shares lots of wonderful stories that make her ideas more real and more clear. 

What I'm Reading Now

I'm finishing the last few chapters of The Bookshop on the Corner and F is for France. I should be reviewing these next week.

What are you reading today? Have you read any of these? Any recommendations for non-French, non-Texas books?

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  1. I think that was money well spent. Enjoy! I want to read The Bookshop on the Corner. Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. I couldn't resist Bookshop on the Corner. It hasn't disappointed me either!

  2. One of the things I really miss about city living! Have a wonderful nights; I'm hoping for full reports throughout the year.

    1. I plan to cover each author's visit. I also hope to read each author's latest book. Hope I can!

  3. Sounds like a great use of money, and look at all the enjoyment this will bring you.
    I should read Emotional Agility as someone who lives with these conditions, and has relatives who do too. Thanks for pointing it out and enjoy your week.

  4. What a great season of events!

    Kale is a staple in our house -- stir-fried with chicken and a sweet peanut sauce. It's yummy!

  5. What a wonderful opportunity to hear all those authors over the next several months. I wish I lived closer to Houston :) (maybe I should plan a trip to visit my aunts?)

  6. I think that's a great use of $180! Several years ago eight members of my book club ended up getting season tickets to our author lecture series and it was a wonderful experience. Since then I've been buying individual tickets every now and then, but would much prefer to attend the whole season. Enjoy!

    1. I usually just go to two or three a year, but this year I'm aiming for seven.

  7. I think you got a bargain. I hope you enjoy all the authors. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  8. I wish there were more bookish events near my house. I used to go to tons of them when I was in college in Denver. I hope you enjoy the readings!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  9. Your blog makes me happy so I've tagged you with the Happiness Tag. Play along if you want, but no pressure.

  10. Looking forward to your thoughts on The Bookshop on the Corner as that title alone makes me want to read it! The cover ain't bad either. :) And congrats on the season tickets. I hope you enjoy the author events- personally I love going to those and you always seem to get a neat insight from an author, always a good feeling.

    Bonjour kale looks interesting, I've never had kale? Can't believe I've never tried it...

  11. What a great range of authors...worth the money!

  12. I hope you enjoy your author events! We'll be in Houston later this week. Happy reading!

  13. That $180 is such a bargain- great seats, free parking (I remember you've had parking trouble before at events like this, now, no problem..your investment will pay for itself) And such a great line up. It's like an annual writers festival. I just know that I will need to seek out F is for France, and Bonjour Kale. Kale BTW is not that bad, treated right it's just like any other slightly cruciferous green- and never, never ever try to eat the stem in the middle, just the leaves. Little Paris Kitchen was a TV show as well, I think you can get it online for even more Paris.

    1. You would be fascinated with F is for France, I think. It's filled with fun France facts.

      Thanks for sharing kale info. I may try day.


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