Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Books I Loved (Much) More Than I Thought I Would

H is for Hawk
I hate violence. This is a very violent book. But deeply true.

March by John Lewis
A graphic novel which I'm not wild about AND it's the story of the Civil Rights Movement, which doesn't sound engaging. Wrong, wrong.

I, Claudius
The story of a stuttering Roman emperor doesn't sound compelling.

Lab Girl
I'd never expected to be captivated by an autobiography of a science nerd.

Lonesome Dove
A western? Really?

True Grit
Please. Another western? And, c'mon, I've already seen the movie. This book is going to surprise me?

A Wrinkle in Time
I think I've spent the last fifty-something years since I read this book trying to find a book as wonderful.

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus
This was my introduction to the amazing-ness that is Mo Willems.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Nothing prepared me for the power of this book on my life.

Tenth of December 
Author Khaled Hosseini puts it best: "Saunders makes you feel as though you are reading fiction for the first time."

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  1. Nice ones! I haven't really heard of these! Though one is familiar! LOL!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. I gave my husband the book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, when he bought his mid-life crisis bike :) I've been intrigued by the title ever since. Maybe I should give it a try?

  3. March was an awesome graphic novel. I've always been curious about the Zen book as well. I might have to look into it too. The Pigeon books were always a hit for us when I worked on the Bookmobile.

  4. I love Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! I think I enjoyed it as much as my little one when we first discovered it. I re-listened to Wrinkle in Time not to long ago. It was one of my favorites as a child but I didn't remember much about it. I thought it read really well as an adult though that scene with the kids playing in perfect time is just monumentally creepy!

  5. I also liked a lot your #1 and 3. I don't think I can make that type of list, as I don't dare launch into something I think I'm not going to like, as there are already so many books that fit me and I want to read

  6. If you liked March: Book One, you'll find that #2 is better and #3 is best :-)

  7. I had to read H is for Hawk for one of modules at University. Not usually my thing, but I liked it. Great list :)

  8. I really want to read H is for Hawk. I should buy a copy and have it sitting around the house (although I have employed that strategy with quite a number of books that still remain unread). Sadly, I didn't really get A Wrinkle in Time. I will have to check out March- don't think I've ever seen it here.

  9. Possibly the best list today!

  10. True Grit! Interesting- I haven't read many westerns but my grandfather had some when i was a kid and I dabbled a bit.

  11. I read Lonesome Dove and Zen and the Art of MM way back in high school, so I don't really remember them, although I do remember liking both of them. Wrinkle in Time I read repeatedly as a kid, so I have a much clearer memory of. I enjoyed March but it's still really serious, so I've been stalling on books 2 & 3; glad to see someone saying they are even better! Loved H is for Hawk and really want to read Lab Girl, in part because of an earlier review from you. And I know nothing about Tenth of December.

    A few years ago, my kid came home from kindergarten and told me we had to go to the library and get books by Mo Willems. I was all, "I think you mean Morris Williams or something, because that's not a real name." HA. More fool I. Luckily, she persisted, and we've adored him ever since.

  12. I'm glad you liked all of these titles! I have heard of a few but mostly because of movies lol!

  13. I'm only aware of a few of these books, but it's always lovely when a book impresses us and makes such an impact.

  14. Excellent list! I've added several of your titles to my TBR list. H is for Hawk is u next on my audiobook list. Can't wait!


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