Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Good & Garlicky Thick & Hearty Soul-Satisfying More-Than-Minestrone Italian Soup Cookbook

"Italians have a saying, 'La cuppa fa settee rose,' which means, 'Soup does seven things.' It quenches your thirst, it satisfies your hunger, it fills your stomach, it aids your digestion, it makes your teeth sparkle, it colors your cheeks, and it helps you sleep....Certainly, soup is the ultimate comfort food."

What better cookbook to begin my planned series on Italian cookbooks than this one on soup?

There are all sorts of common Italian soups, including soups with seafood (zuppe di pesce) and soups with pasta (zuppe di pasta), but the two most popular Italian soups are minestrone ("big soup") and pasta e fagioli (pasta and beans).

Italian cooks love to improvise and to cook creatively, I learn. This cookbook contains nine minestrone variations. There are, according to cookbook author Joe Famularo, "as many types of minestrones as there are people cooking them." 

Why not use what I have on hand to make my own minestrone soup? So I did. I threw corn and celery and carrots and sausage into my pot. Here is the delicious result:

3/4 Lb. Italian Sausage 
1 T. Vegetable Oil
1/2 Cup Carrot
1/2 Cup Celery
1/2  Green Pepper 
1 Can Beef Broth
1 Can Zesty Tomato Sauce
1 1/2 Cup Water
1 Cup Bow-Shaped Pasta, Uncooked

Form sausage into 3/4" meatballs. In a large saucepan, heat oil and cook meatballs until browned, stirring often. Spoon off all but 1 T drippings. Add vegetables. Cook 5 minutes, stirring often. Add broth, tomato sauce, and water. Heat to boiling. Add pasta. Reduce to low heat. Simmer 10 minutes or until pasta is done, stirring now and then.

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  1. Now you made me hungry, I do like minestrone soup

  2. This looks yummy and so perfect for the cold and snow!

  3. Yummm. I love soup and I love pasta e fagioli, but I'm not a huge fan of minestrone. I should give this one a try.

  4. What could be better than a good bowl of Italian soup?

  5. My Italian friend's mother once came round to baby sit my little boy, while I went to hospital. She said she would make some nutritious chicken soup to aid my recovery, and when I returned I found it had involved a huge amount of cooking of a whole chicken. Real home cooking.

  6. it’s definitely soup season here — that book is very tempting

    best... mae at

  7. Oh, I am such a fan of soups! That soup looks so delicious. Thanks for I'll have my less than satisfying cereal. LOL. Here are MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOTS

  8. I love soups -- everything from clam chowder to gumbo. Your minestrone looks delicious! I'm looking forward to your future Italian cookbook posts.
    My Saturday Snapshot post: ”Not Just Trees and Rivers.”

  9. What a lengthy title, I like it! That soup looks so good!

  10. it's too hot for soup here... but in a few months...

  11. I've been searching for the recipe for the Italian soup, Minaste (?) ... Dandelion soup. This was my husband's absolute favorite meal as a child. While typically a spring soup, his grandmother would make extra batches and keep it in the freezer for him. I will have to check out this book to see if perhaps there is a recipe that comes close to the one he's yearned for.

    1. This book definitely has a lot of soup possibilities.

  12. Yum - looks delicious! One of my family's favorites soups is Pasta e Fagioli - we just had it two weeks ago!

    Enjoy your yummy soups!


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