Saturday, June 8, 2019

#Bookaday, The Italian Baker, and Yoga for Everyone

Hobberdy Dick by Katherine M. Briggs (1955)
The Little Grey Men by B. B. (1942) 
My Great-Grandfather and I by James Kruss (1960)
Spiderman Anancy by James Barry (1988)
The Birth of Kitaro by Shigeru Mizuki (1960)
The Bears' Famous Invasion of Sicily by Dino Buzzati (1945)
Please Mrs Butler by Allan Ahlberg (1983)

Happily, I read seven more 1001 Children's Books this week. I brought home sixteen 1001 books from the Houston Public Library collection a couple of weeks ago, and I've been diligently reading them. One book, The Bears' Famous Invasion of Sicily, was in the rare book collection and I could not check it out; instead, I had to scan the whole book and bring the scanned version home to read. 

I now stand at 667/1001 Children's Books read.

This was due at the library last week. I can't renew it because there is a long waiting list for it. It's so good that I'm willing to pay the fine while I read it.

Donalyn Miller announced her 11th Annual #Bookaday Challenge at the Nerdy Book Club last week.  If you are not familiar with #bookaday, here is a little information about it.

The #bookaday guidelines are simple:
  • You set your own start date and end date.
  • Read one book per day for each day of your summer vacation. This is an average, so if it takes you a week to read a long book, you can balance it out with some picture books or early reader books.
  • Any book qualifies including picture books, nonfiction, professional books, audio books, graphic novels, poetry anthologies, or fiction—children’s, youth, or adult titles.
  • Keep a list of the books you read and share them often via a social networking site like goodreads, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Use the #bookaday hashtag to find other participants and share your recommendations. You do not have to post reviews, but you can if you wish. Titles will do.
Miller goes on to say, "The summer #bookaday event endures as an annual opportunity to hit the reset button on our reading lives, connect with other readers, celebrate books, and remind ourselves how much reading matters to our lives...."

I will be reading #bookaday this summer.

I made a pizza this week, using the recipe for the crust and tomato sauce from The Italian Baker (reviewed this week at Goodreads) by Carol Field. The crust rose up nicely and the tomatoes and onions simmered on the stove for two hours. 

My little granddaughter, Annie, likes doing yoga with me. I've been reading Yoga for Everyone: 50 Poses for Every Type of Body (reviewed this week at Goodreads) in which the author shares fifty of her favorite poses along with variations of each pose. Here is Annie with her version of Tree Pose, one of my favorites.

How was your week? 

Did you finish any good books? 

Have you run across anything book-ish that you would like to share with us? 

I invite you to link up here and/or at the Sunday Salon page on Facebook each weekend (Saturday-Sunday-Monday) and let us know what you have been doing. Visit other blogs and join in the conversations going on there.

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  3. You're making great progress on 1,001 Children's Books.

    Maybe You Should Talk to Someone sounds really good.

    Annie is adorable and looks like the perfect yoga partner!

  4. This is such a neat challenge!! I kind of want to look into it and I kind of just want to admire you seriously. ;) The pizza looks so yummy!!

  5. We made homemade pizza this week too! It's becoming something of a ritual for us now rather than buying from the pizza place in town.

    Good luck with the continued 1001 children's books!

  6. 50 poses! Hehe, I did a lot of yoga when I was pregnant-might've helped me have a natural birth.

  7. You are doing so well with the children's books challenge! That pizza looks so delicious. Annie is so cute. Have a great week!

  8. Adorable granddaughter...and yummy pizza!

  9. That pizza looks so good! I tend to order pizza instead of making it. However I have always wanted too but my son is very picky.

    Your granddaughter is adorable!

    Have a great week, Deb! Happy Reading!

  10. I'm near the top of the library hold list now and am glad to hear Gottlieb's books is worth paying fines to finish! The pizza looks delicious... is it lunch time yet? ;-) Your granddaughter is adorable.

  11. Scanning an entire book to read it shows quite a commitment to the challenge.
    The tree pose is about the only one I’m capable of doing these days, lol.

    Have a great reading week

  12. Scanning The Bears' Famous Invasion of Sicily reminded me of my college days. I don't know how many articles I photocopied rather than schlep the whole volume of a periodical home with me. I suppose that's all online now and downloadable. Happy reading!

  13. The Bookaday challenge sounds fun! I love how it includes so many types of books. I might actually be able to do that challenge. Lol.

    Your little granddaughter is adorbs!

  14. Your granddaughter looks adorable. I wish I was that flexible now. And the pizza looks yummy. Also, you are doing amazing with the children's books challenge.

  15. Sounds like you had a good week. I've made pizza at home but not recently.

  16. You're doing so well on your 1001 Children's books! It will probably feel strange when you finish it.

  17. Good luck with the Bookaday challenge! I like the flexibility built into it. If I didn't already have several challenges going on, I could see myself trying that one. Mmm, just looking at that pizza makes me hungry. And omg, your granddaughter is just precious!

  18. I know a book is good if I'm willing to pay a fine for it! ;)

  19. I have Maybe You Should Talk to Someone on my library list. Good to know it is worth the wait. Your granddaughter is adorable.

  20. When I was teaching I loved following Donalyn Miller and learning from her, she is such a book lover and so full of wisdom. I actually bought a copy of Maybe You Should Talk to Someone as I had read so many people saying they found it really good.

  21. My Curves has some yoga inspired sessions which let me try things out. I didn't realize how poor my balance was until I began them. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  22. Sounds like a good reading week. I wanted to make pizza but my daughter didn't want it. Who doesn't want pizza? Have a lovely week!

    Anne - Books of My Heart

  23. I love that Annie likes to do yoga with you! :)


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