Wednesday, July 28, 2021

French Bistro

 That's the place.

We ate there twice when we were in Paris last winter.

This is where we sat.

It's Paul Bert. 

It's a classic French bistro. It's the subject of French Bistro: Seasonal Recipes by Bertrand Auboyneau and François Simon. 

French Bistro highlights the ten bistro essentials:

1. The Owner

2. The Chef

3. The Chalkboard Menu

4. The Wine

5. The Servers

6. The Table

7. The Decor

8. The Clients

9. The Ambience

10. The Aromas

(I'd add: The Food, but perhaps that's assumed.) 

Which of these ten seems most important to you? Of the ten, I'd say the wine.

We spent two afternoons at Paul Bert last February. I speak from experience when I nod my head and say, "Check, check, check," Paul Bert has all of these. 


  1. I say "the clients" are the most important part of the French bistro experience.

    Because without clients - and without foot traffic - you would not be able to keep up the bistro.

    And the ambience is important - especially outdoors.

    Wouldn't the food come in under the Aroma? Or maybe some of the bistros have flowers and plants [or the table cloths may be perfumed].

    Many restaurants have taken over the chalkboard style - like coffee shops.


    [and those French books you are reading - I could recommend another one - it's called PROVENCE by Janelle McCullough.

    1. True. You must have customers.

      Thanks for the recommendation, Adelaide.

  2. Lovely - I'm all about The Ambience but, good wine is a bonus too.

  3. a French restaurant is a heavenly experience

  4. Having run my own French style Bistro for many years, I'm bound to go for number 1!

  5. I think that everything is important and charming in a French bistrot, just everything... maybe 'The Ambience' is the first of them all to me...maybe...
    Have a wonderful remainder of your week
    Xx Daniela at ~ My little old world ~

  6. Definitely the wine. Then the ambience. Then the food! When you hit them all, you have the hottest place in town!

  7. I would think it was a empty as the photos over the last year.

    1. It wasn't empty when we visited in February of 2020, just before everything bad hit.

  8. That looks like a nice place to have lunch. I wouldn't mind trying some French pastries.

  9. so many years since I visited a place like that. Miss it!

  10. i think the servers, the ambience, the food of course and the furniture :-) I am not so tall, and so many places have tables that are too high and chairs too low! This looks like a beautiful place.

  11. Sounds lovely! I think ambience is also incredibly important.

  12. I'd like to go there! Thanks for the tip ... we will find it next time.

  13. That looks so lovely!! I need a French Bistro.

    I would say, wine, ambience and decor.

    Hope you had a good week, dear Debbie!

    Elza Reads

  14. How pretty. I need to go there.

  15. great ambiance and that counts even more than the food for me, seeing i am not a food connoisseur.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  16. What a lovely post, Deb.

    There's something absolutely quaint about French bistros. I feel all the ten qualify as important. But the chef and wine do hold an integral place definitely.

    Love the vibe here. You must miss these breaks a lot.

    Thank you for joining me with this lovely link on #WordlessWednesday.

    The new linky goes live tomorrow. See you around. Have a great week.


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