It’s time once again for the 20 Books of Summer, hosted by 746 Books. This year the event will be kicking off on Wednesday 1 June and finishing on Thursday 1 September. If you want to join in, just take the Books of Summer image, and pick your own 10, 15, or 20 books you would like to read. Post the link to your choices in the post’s comments here.

I plan to read: 1. First Summer in the Sierras   2. The Wind in the Willows   3. The Last Battle by C. S. Lewis.  4. Cold Sassy Tree.  5. The Mill on the Floss.  6. When Pies Fly   7. Vanity Fair.  8. Wine Folly.  9. The Mystery of the Yellow Room.  10. Captain Fricasse   11. Nana by Zola.  12. Patient Zero.  12. Dubliners.  13. Lost Horizon.  14. Barefoot in Paris.  15. The Paris Connection.  16. Kisses and Croissants.  17. Nature Underfoot   18. River of the Gods   19. Remarkably Bright Creatures.  20. Lessons in Chemistry