Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Popular Authors I've Never Read

Popular Authors I've Never Read

Have read, but just one book:
John Grisham
Stephen King
Louis L'Amour
Agatha Christie

Haven't read, but might one day:
Debbie Macomber
Ann M. Martin
James Patterson
R. L. Stine

Haven't read, and probably never will:
Anne Rice
Mary Higgins Clark
Dean Koontz
Sidney Sheldon
Jeffrey Archer
Leo Tolstoy

Are you like me? Do you often bypass popular authors?


  1. Yup. Those are all on my not read list either!

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  2. Oh, no Baby-Sitter's Club! I think you've probably gotten past the point where they would be enjoyable :)

    I read Anna Karenina for the first time last year and enjoyed it but it's definitely a comittment.

  3. I really like RL Stine's Goosebumps books - spooky enough for me even at my age. Read a lot of Steven King & Ann Rice way way back in the day. My sister likes Tolstoy but after getting through Les Miserables I'm not ready for that kind of book commitment just yet.
    There a few authors I'll probably never read - even some classics - just not appealing.

  4. Thanks for the link to the wiki page! Fascinating.

  5. This is great! The books in your haven't read and will never read are my thought exactly!

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    Happy Reading!

  6. I like how you divided them up into different categories, smart decision.

  7. OMG!!! R.L. Stine!!! I read those books back in middle school and I loved them lol! One author that would of made my list but I read only ONE of her books is, Cassandra CLare.
    Hopefully you'll read the ones you want one day! Check out my TTT @ Book Hangovers Blabs Books

  8. I've actually read most of the authors you have listed, except for Macomber and Martin. And I don't mind popular authors, but if they're all the rage at the moment I tend to wait until the buzz dies down. I'd been a fan of Christie and King since early childhood so they'll always be favorites. But I tired of most of your "never will" read authors and never enjoyed Tolstoy.

    I hope you get to read something by Stine one day. The books are a lot of fun.

  9. I probably should read a little Stine. I am a school librarian, after all.

  10. I thought I was going to read Tolstoy two years ago. I struggled and struggled and finally said, "No. Life is too short."

  11. Oh RL Stine! That brings back some goosebumps memories!
    New follower :)
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  12. You haven't read anything by Ann M. Martin?! I've only read Martin Mary Higgins Clark, and Stephen King.

  13. My mom loves Jeffrey Archer but I haven't read any of those haha
    I haven't read a lot of these actually!

  14. You can safely put James Patterson in the Never Read list. His books aren't worth the trouble. Now, Jeffrey Archer and some older Sidney Sheldon are quite enjoyable, I think.

  15. I like your list a lot! I like how you set it up :) I would, however, honestly swap Leo Tolstoy and James Patterson. Tolstoy is SO wonderful, but Patterson....ugh I can't stand his work. Haha ;)

    I hope you enjoy the books/authors you do get around to!

    Sierra @ Yearning to Read

  16. You have a great approach to the question as always. I've read more of these authors than you have, but not all of them. I read a few John Grishams back in the day, I think when I was young and poor and taking the 12 hour bus or train trip between Sydney and Melbourne. I read half of Stephen King's The Stand back in the 80s, gave up on it half way through and never went back. Although I am still tempted by that JFK one…. it's pretty thick though and I have too much other stuff closer to the top of the TBR.

    I read a few Agatha Christies as a teen. I accidentally read a James Patterson once, we stayed in a remote cottage and there were a very few books on the bookshelf. I read it because there was nothing else. I have no idea which one of the many it was, and I read it in a day and you know, it wasn't that bad. I remember it was actually a page turner. Short little 2-3 page chapters and lots of action, perfect for the time and place.

    I haven't read Ann M Martin or RL Stine either, but feel that I should give both of them a go, just for curiosities sake.

    For some reason back in the 80s I went through a bit of an Anne Rice vampire stage. I've struggled through 2/3 of Anna Karenina once. I might try again when I'm retired or something. But there's books like Middlemarch that I want to get to first.

  17. It seems...oh, I don't know, but maybe the word is disconcerting...yes, disconcerting, to refuse to read James Patterson and Leo Tolstoy.

  18. I tried War and Peace, struggling through many pages, when I was told I should have tried Anna Karenina first. Maybe someday. W&P was misery for me. But I think I felt even more miserable in giving up on it.

  19. I had the same reaction to this meme as I went through the list of possible authors I've never read I had a hard time because there are so many that I really don't care if I ever read one of their books. Good list and funny...you don't do scary, huh?

  20. I want to say that you have to try Dean Koontz. These days his books are not over-the-top-scary if that is your worry. ODD THOMAS is one of the best books I have ever read (with such a surprise ending!) and FROM THE CORNER OF HIS EYE is the most uplifting and inspiring ... and LIFE EXPECTANCY is such pure love ... I am rambling, aren't I .... but I love most of his books. :) Interesting lists, I will have to think about my picks. Just Reading for Fun

  21. I'm a real wimp when it comes to scary books. A scary cover alone will give me nightmares. And once a writer is associated with scariness, I can't pick him up again without having scary dreams. Thanks for sharing the info about Koontz, anyway!


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