Friday, January 29, 2016

6:41 to Paris

It's the simplest of plots: a man and a woman sit down next to each other on the train to Paris. Insert a small twist: the man and woman knew each other well, more than twenty years ago. Now enter the thoughts of each, in turn.

I took this little train ride of a book the last few days. How well the author got into the heads of these two complex and real people. How well the author maintained the tension between them. What a wonderful experience it is to choose a book to read and review without knowing anything about the author or the publisher and discovering you have read a marvel of a book you want to share with everyone.

This is the perfect book for your next short train trip. I caution you, however, to look carefully at who you sit beside on the ride.

My rating:

My niece and I on a train to Paris. June 2010.

Author Jean-Philippe Blondel

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  1. I'm keen for this one, most people seem to like it, but I've got to read The Reader on the 6.27 first! Coincidence, yes.

  2. thanks for your beautiful review!
    For your readers who might want to look at other reviews and get more information, the link to the tour is:
    As for The Reader on the 6.27, it was actually published in French a year after Blondel's book. The plot is very different, and Blondel's train is a regular train between 2 cities, whereas Didierlaurent's is a RER, so a commuter serving Paris and its suburbs. I have not read it yet, but it does sound good too!
    French people take a lot the train to go to work, that's really part of daily life, much more than in the US for instance.

  3. Oh, this sounds interesting! I took the train to work in downtown Chicago for 20 years and every once in a while I would run into someone I hadn't seen in years.

  4. Oh this sounds interesting! I love those "what's in their heads" kinds of stories! Great review too!

  5. I recently read The Girl on the Train. That is the first book that comes to mind when I think of a good book involving a train.

  6. Okay you have me curious about this one. I like the premise.


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