Wednesday, June 1, 2016

BEA: The Year of (Adult) Coloring Books

Good grief! They were everywhere at BEA this year.

 Coloring books. For adults.

Coloring books with gemstones. Coloring books with famous places.

Coloring books of anatomy.

Botanical garden coloring books.

Mindfulness coloring books.

Coloring books with famous cities and famous buildings.

 Coloring books for classic books.

 Coloring books with the seasons.

Color along to soothing music.

(Adult) coloring. I don't get it. 

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  1. I should try one of those, they look fun. Have a look at some art in this blog

  2. BEA is my German nickname coming from Beatrice. I like to stand for colouring books :-). Have a great Wordless Wednesday. You can find mine here:

  3. I know several adults who actively color and they love it. They say that it gives them a creative outlet, even though they are not artistically inclined. One friend said that the process of coloring quiets her mind and she feels almost meditative when she does it. When she is finished, she is calmer and her head is clear.

    Visiting from WW. Ericka from A Quiet Girl’s Musings…

    1. Thank you for sharing thoughts about coloring. I'm quite curious about it.

  4. I was sceptical (although I have bought two books- I haven't had time to go anywhere near them. Sigh). Recently a friend and I had lunch in a cafe where they had a communal colouring book and pencils. We both coloured in while we waited for our order and chatted. It was GREAT. Now just to get time to look at my book at home...

  5. I must admit, I did jump on the coloring-books-for-adults bandwagon last fall (I have a hard time referring to them as adult coloring books...)

    I have always enjoyed coloring, even in college. And Ericka is right... since I am not artistically inclined, it allows me to express myself within the lines.

    I do think, however, the entire craze has gone WAY overboard. At this point, I am tired of seeing them in the bookstore, craft store, department store....

  6. This must be very interesting.
    I must try doing one.
    Happy WW!

  7. I used to indulge in a bit of colouring a number of years ago (before it was cool, he says smugly!), but the sheer volume of colouring books for adults these days astounds me. Surely the colouring bubble will have to burst for publishers soon!

  8. Interesting, even if I don´t get it either.

  9. It baffles me, too. But I confess we have a few of them kicking around our house. We quickly lost interest.

  10. I do like adult colouring books, but as a lot of people know I have suffer from anxiety, I now have 5 or 6 REALLY REALLY complicated ones! I don't think people realise how long they take, so now I'm MORE stressed, because I feel like I have to do all of them as they were gifts, but it takes hours to do a single picture in most because they're so detailed! So, yay for adult colouring books - but PLEASE just one!!

  11. I did receive the Harry Potter coloring book as a gift but have yet to color in it. Part of it is I don't want to somehow ruin the page, and another is that it's a huge drawing to me. I'm thinking the time commitment to completing one would be a little more than what I have time for, I'd rather read a book. Although, a pocket size version could be fun to try.

  12. I don't really get it either. I'm waiting for the "Adult Comic Book For Dummies." Actually, I did buy one for my very adult daughter. It was one of those with swear words woven into the designs. She loves it.

  13. I know, and I still don't understand why. You have given us some reasons, interesting themes. They were the top item on wish-lists, or maybe gift lists, of last Christmas.

  14. The coloring book trend has certainly caught on. Does this mean that we're longing to relive our childhoods?

    I haven't tried them yet....but I am eyeing them. Thanks for sharing. Here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  15. Terrific photo post! I didn't now these were so popular at BEA! I love the idea of coloring books for adults, but I know that (sadly) I don't have the time to color in them. But I think they might be therapeutic for those who do, and perhaps educational at times (if you are coloring something you'd be more apt to remember it, such as a particular part of a flower).

  16. I loved colouring as a kid and I still do. I don't do it often, but it's very relaxing.


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