Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Favorite Bookmarks

I love bookmarks.

I collect them.

I've collected them for more than fifty years. 

An old Adidas shoebox is perfect for storing bookmarks.

I've had some of these for a long time.

Some are very helpful.

We made monster bookmarks at school one year. They fit over the corner of your book.

Children like to give me bookmarks they have made themselves.

I've also had book friends send me bookmarks. Isn't this one pretty?

Some bookmarks remind me of special places, like this bookmark I got at the Swan Boats in Boston.

Some are beautiful, but are not really practical as bookmarks.

Some remind me of the old days, when my kids were little, like these two, back from when my sons and their friends liked to put their own pictures on dollar bills and play Fake Money.

Sometimes my friends bring me a bookmark when they return from trips. 

I kept a lot of old Valentines to use as bookmarks. I like these so much.

Sometimes I just can't find a real bookmark, so I have to use whatever I could find.

What are your favorite bookmarks?

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  1. I really like the ones you get with Persephone Books featuring vintage patterns and usually use the ones I get in my Persephone magazine. I also have a number of cards friends have sent me with books. I have one of those impractical metal ones I never use, and also ones from bookshops where I or others got a book. So why do I so often use a bus ticket or other scrap???

    They also all migrate to my side-desk where I put books for review and I have to take them back down to my bedside table periodically!

  2. Wow, so many bookmarks! What a wonderful collection. I love the one from Boston - so pretty. And I'm laughing at the dollar bill. That really is grabbing whatever is handy. :)

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    1. The one from Boston is special to me because I spent a wonderful day with a book friend there.

  3. My favorite ones are the ones friends and family have made for me. I have quite a few and find I use the handmade ones the most.

  4. Love bookmarks, and also have a box of them (not adidas box though!). I always buy one as a souvenir (if there is one available) when travelling, visiting museums, castles etc. They don't weigh a lot and as such, a wonderful souvenir. Your collection is quite impressive.

  5. What a great array of bookmarks! I tend to use the same one over and over, which now seems so boring!

  6. Wow, you have a lot of bookmarks! How cool.

    My TTT.

  7. I once found a $10 bill in a used book. Moral of the story: don't use money for bookmarks! I love your collection and wish I'd had the forethought to do the same collection as you. Fun memories.

  8. Oh my, we have a similar addiction, but varying tastes. I tend to keep mine in what I think are some sort of bathroom dispenser form Dollar Tree and Antique Glass Bowls with a few clear marbles in them for stability.

    I tend to be picky, they can't be so thick that they mar the book and working at the Friends of the Library has only made it worse. I thrive on vintage postcards, various bookmarks from around the work thanks to donations, and have tons of Frank Lloyd Wright ones to fill in the holes.

    You keep going. What's hilarious is I usually read one of my ereaders and don't even use one! Love your collection,

  9. I love book,arks and I've always meant to put up a display case with my favorites in it.

  10. I too have started a collection, but I give them away to special people as fast as I get them. I have ones from Morocco, Vietnam, Oregon, Yosemite, and some that are just out-and-out "cute" like the sloth a friend bought for me in Denver. I also cut the face off (or a strip from) greeting cards and smile when I remember the person who sent them.


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