Thursday, January 20, 2022

The Last 2,000 Books of My Life

I'm 65. Though my dad is 95, my mom passed away at 75. None of us know how long we will live, of course, but let's average it out and say 85. That's twenty years. 

A hundred books a year? I can probably do that.

So I figure I've got about 2,000 books to go before know, head out of this place. (And that's if I don't get macular degeneration like most of my elderly relatives....)

What will my last 2,000 reads be? I want them to be fantastic reads. 

I'm making a list. I'm guided by great book lists like Modern Library's 100 Best Novels and Jim Mustich's 1000 Books to Read Before You Die (seems appropriate). 

Here's what I have so far? Do you see any titles here that look like a waste of time? Any suggestions?

April 1865Winik, Jay2006History496 pages1000 Books to Read
1066 and All ThatSellar, W. C. and R. J. Yeatman1930Satire172 pages100 One-Night Reads
52 Lists ProjectSeal, MooreaCreativityBibliophile
Abraham Lincoln: Speeches and WritingsLincoln, Abraham1000 Books to Read
Absolom, AbsolomFaulkner, William1000 Books to Read
Act OneHart, Moss1000 Books to Read
Adam BedeEliot, GeorgeCC
Adventures of Augie March, TheBellow, Saul1953Classic, Fiction,546 pages1000 Books to Read
Adventures of Ibn Battuta, TheDunn, Ross E.1355Travel357 pages1000 Books to Read
Afoot in EnglandHudson, W. H.1909Nature324 pagesGood Books
After Leaving Mr. MacKenzieRhys, JeanNovelMae
After VirtueMacIntyre, AlasdairNonfictionBook Girl
Agnes GreyBronte, Ann1847Novel256 pages
Alanna: The First AdventurePierce, Tamara1983Elem FicBibliophile
All Quiet On the Western FrontRemarque, Erich Maria1929Classic200 pagesDennis
Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of FaithNorris, Kathleen1998Nonfiction384 pagesBook Girl
American in Italy, AnKubly, Herbert1955Travel370 pagesGood Books
American TragedyDreiser, TheodoreCC
Among OthersWalton, Jo2010Novel1000 Books to Read
Anatomy of Bibliomania, TheJackson, HolbrookReese at Typings
AndersonvilleKantor, MacKinlay1955Classic, History770 pages1000 Books to Read
Arctic DreamsLopez, Barry1986Nonfiction; Travel496 pages
1000 Books to Read; NBCCA
Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are?De Waal, FransNatureBibliophile
Around My French TableGreenspan, Dorie2010CookingBibliophile
Around the World with MoukBoutavauntPicture BookBibliophile
ArrowsmithLewis, SinclairCC
Art of EatingFisher, M.K.F.1954Cooking784 pages
Bibliophile, 1000 Books to Read
Art of French PastryPfeiffer, Jacquy2013CookingBibliophile
Art of the Commonplace, TheBerry, WendellNonfictionBook Girl
Art of the Personal Essay, TheLopate, Phillip1994Essays1000 Books to Read
As I Lay DyingFaulkner, William1000 Books to Read
Ashanti to Zulu: African TraditionsMusgrove, Virginia1976Picture bookGood Books
Atlas of Remote IslandsSchalansky, JudithTravelBibliophile
Auberge of the Flowering Hearth, Thede Groot, Roy Andries1973Food Narrative1000 Books to Read
AutobiographyFranklin, BenjaminCC
Awakening of Miss Prim
Fenollera, Natalia Sanmartin
NovelBook Girl
BabbittLewis, SinclairCC
Baked: New Frontiers in BakingLewis, Matt2008CookingBibliophile
BarabbasLagerkvist, Par1951Novel144 pages
100 One-Night Reads; The Content Reader
Barbarian Days: A Surfing LifeFinnegan, WilliamMemoirBibliophile
Beak of the FinchWeiner, JonathanNatureBibliophile
BehaveSapolsky, Robert M.ScienceBibliophile
Bel Amide Mauspassant, Guy1885Novel394 pages
Bernard Shaw: Collected Letters, 1874–1950Shaw, Bernard1000 Books to Read
Beyond Words: What Animals Think and FeelSanna, CarlNatureBibliophile
Bible, TheArmstrong, Karen2007Spiritual326 pages
Big Sleep, TheChandler, Raymond1939Mystery277 pages100 One-Night Reads; LJ
Black Corsair, TheSalgari, Emilio1898272 pages1001 Children's
Black Lamb and Grey FalconWest, Rebecca1000 Books to Read
Bleak HouseDickens, Charles1853Classic800 pages1000 Books to Read
BluetsNelson, MaggieEssaysInprint
Book Collectors of DaryaBook'd Out
Book of Comfort: An AnthologyGoudge, ElizabethSpiritualBook Girl
Book of Common Prayer, TheAnonymousSpiritual1000 Books to Read
Book of Ebenezer Le Page, TheEdwards, G. B.1981Novel1000 Books to Read
Book of Luminous Things, AMilosz, CzeslawPoetryBook Girl
Book of Tea, TheOkakura, Kakuzo1906Nonfiction160 pages1000 Books to Read
Book of the Dun Cow, TheWangerin, WalterFantasyBook Girl
Book of ThinkBurns, MarilynCreativityBibliophile
Booked: Literature in the Soul of MePrior, Karen Swallow
Book Girl
Bottom of the Harbor, TheMitchell, Joseph1960Nonfiction321 pagesA Reader's Delight
Bouchon BakeryKeller, Thomas2012CookingBibliophile
Bound to PleaseDirda, Michael
1000 Books to Read
Brave TartParks, Stella2017CookingBibliophile
Breakfast: Recipes to Wake Up ForWild, George2015CookingBibliophile
Brothers Karamazov, TheDostoevsky, Fyodor1880Classic840 pages
1000 Books to Read, Book Girl
BuddenbrooksMann, Thomas1901Classic722 pagesMae
Bulfinch's MythologyBulfinch, Thomas1855Classic388 pages1000 Books to Read
Business as UsualOliver, Jane and Ann Stafford1933Fiction186 pages
dovegrey reader scribbles; thornfield hall
Cafe Theology: Exploring Love, the Universe, and EverythingLloyd, MichaelSpiritualBook Girl
Cake BibleBeranbaum, Rose Levy1988CookingBibliophile
Cannery RowSteinbeck, JohnCC
Captain FracasseGautier, Theophile1863Children's146 pages1001 Children's
Casual Commentary, AMacaulay, Rose1925Essays243 pagesA Reader's Delight
Cat at Night, TheIpcar, DahlovPicture BookBibliophile
CelestineTindall, Gillian1995History1000 Books to Read
Centuries of MeditationsTraherne, Thomas1908 (but written in the 1600's)Spirituality
Charlotte's WebWhite, E. B.Children'sBook Girl
Chilly Scenes of WinterBeattie, AnnNovelDennis
Chirri & ChirraDoiPicture BookBibliophile
Chosen, ThePotok, ChaimDennis
Christ Plays in Ten Thousand PlacesPeterson, EugeneSpiritualBook Girl
Christ Stopped at EboliLevi, Carlo1945Travel1000 Books to Read
Circles in a ForestMatthee, DaleneMareli at Elza Reads
CitySimac, Clifford1000 Books to Read
Civil War TrilogyFoote, ShelbyDennis
Clementine in the KitchenChamberlain, Samuel1943Food Writing1000 Books to Read
Collected PoemsStevens, Wallace1954Classic602 pagesA Lifetime's Reading
Collected PoemsWilbur, RichardPoetry1000 Books to Read
Collected Stories of Eudora Welty, TheWelty, Eudora1000 Books to Read
Comedy of Errors, TheShakespeare, WilliamCC
Complete Poems, TheCummings, E. E.2016Poetry1200 pages1000 Books to Read
Complete StoriesLispector, Clarice1979Short Stories1000 Books to Read
Complete Stories: Fairy Tales of Fear and TremblingKafka, Franz1924Classic, Short Stories487 pages1000 Books to Read
Conversations with Glenn GouldCott, Jonathan1984Bio1000 Books to Read
Coronado's Children: Tales of Lost Mines and Buried TreasureDobie, J. Frank1930HistoryLone Star Lit
Cost of Discipleship, TheBonhoeffer, DietrichSpirituality1000 Books to Read
Count of Monte CristoDumas1844Classic1240 pagesBibliophile
Country of the Pointed Firs, TheJewett, Sarah Orne1896Novel88 pages
100 One-Night Reads, Good Books
Creative Mythology (The Masks of God)Campbell, Joseph1000 Books to Read
Crime and PunishmentDostoevsky, Fyodor1866Classic576 pages1000 Books to Read
Crosswicks Journals, TheL'Engle, MadeleineMemoirBook Girl
Crying of Lot 49, ThePynchon, Thomas1965Novel100 One-Night Reads
Cue for TreasonTrease, Geoffrey1940Fiction305 pages1001 Children's
Custom of the Country, TheWharton, Edith1913Novel224 pagesReese at Typings
Dangerous Liaisons
Laclos, Pierre Choderlos de
Day of the Locust, TheWest, Nathanael1939Novel238 pages100 One-Night Reads
Dead of the HouseGreen, Hannah1972Novel432 pages1000 Books to Read
Death of Ivan Ilyich, TheTolstoy, Leo1000 Books to Read
Death of the Heart, TheBowen, Elizabeth1938Novel418 pages1000 Books to Read
Decameron, TheBoccaccio, Giovanni1353Classic554 pages1000 Books to Read
Democracy in America
Tocqueville, Alexis de
1000 Books to Read
Diary of a Country Priest, TheBernanos, Georges1936Classic, Novel231 pages1000 Books to Read
Diary of a Provincial LadyDelafield, E. M.1930Classic, Novel134 pages
1000 Books to Read; Reese at Typings
Diary of George Templeton StrongNevins, Allan, ed.1855DiaryA Reader's Delight
Diary of Samuel PepysPepys, Samuel1825Diary384 pagesCompanion to Bk. Club Rd.
Distant Mirror, ATuchman, Barbara1978HistoryNBCCA
Down the Common: A Year in the Life of a Medieval WomanBaer, Ann1996Novel240 pages1000 Books to Read
DraculaStoker, BramCC
Drowned World, TheBallard, J. G.1962Sci Fi158 pages1000 Books to Read
DublinersJoyce, James1914Short stories152 pages100 One-Night Reads
Eighth Day of the WeekHlasko, Marek1958NovelGood Books
Elephant WhispererAnthony, LawrenceNatureBibliophile
Elmer GantryLewis, SinclairCC
Empire of the Summer MoonGwynne, S. C.2011History371 pagesLone Star Lit
Enchanted Aprilvon Arnim, Elizabeth1922Novel170 pagesBook Girl
End of the Affair, TheGreene, Graham1000 Books to Read; LJ
EnduranceLansing, Alfred1959History416 pages1000 Books to Read
English Teacher, TheNarayan, R. K.1945Novel279 pages100 One-Night Reads
Epitaph of a Small Winnerde Assis, Machado
Essays in Idleness and HojokiKenko1332Essays120 pages
Austin Kleon; A Reader's Delight
Eugene Onegin: A Novel in VersePushkin, Alexander1831Classic288 pages1000 Books to Read
Eyewitness to HistoryCarey, John (ed.)1987History1000 Books to Read
Fables in SlangAde, George1899SketchesA Reader's Delight
Far From the Madding CrowdHardy, Thomas1874Novel464 pages
Fathers and SonsTurgenev, IvanCC
Fear and TremblingKierkegaard, Soren1843Classic265 pages
FiccionesBorges, Jorge Luis1944Novel203 pages
1000 Books to Read; Emma at Words and Peace
Fifth SeasonJemisin, N. K.DystopiaBibliophile
Fish in a TreeHunt, Lynda MullalyElem FicBibliophile
Flame Trees of Thika, TheHuxley, Elspeth1959Memoir288 pagesGood Books
Flaming IguanasLopez, Erika1998Travel288 pagesBibliophile
FlatlandAbbott, Edward1000 Books to Read; CC
Flaubert's ParrotBarnes, Julian1984Novel1000 Books to Read
Flavor BiblePage, Karen2008CookingBibliophile
Flowers for AlgernonKeyes, Daniel1958Novel311 pages
Food52 Genius RecipesMiglore, Kristen2015CookingBibliophile
Fox and the Star, The
Bickford-Smith, Coralie
Picture BookBibliophile
From Here to Eternity: Traveling the World to Find the Good DeathDoughty, Caitlin2017Nonfiction272 pagesBattle of the Books
Gabriela, Clove, and CinnamonAmado, Jorge1962NovelGood Books
Gargantua and PantagruelRabelais, François15321,000 pages1000 Books to Read
Geography of the Imagination, TheDavenport, Guy1981Essays1000 Books to Read
GerminalZola, Émile1000 Books to Read
GigiColetteFictionMel at The Reading Life
Glass Bead Game, TheHesse, Hermann1943Classic250 pages
A Lifetime's Reading; 1000 Books to Read
Glass Menagerie, TheWilliams, Tennessee
Glimpses of the MoonWharton, EdithCC
Go Tell It on the MountainBaldwin, JamesCC
Golden Serpent, TheAlegria, Ciro1935NovelClassic South American novelGood Books
Good Morning MidnightRhys, Jean1939Classic192 pagesBibliophile
Good Soldier, TheFord, Ford Madox1915198 pages1000 Books to Read
Great Divorce, TheLewis, C. S.
Green Child, TheRead, Herbert1935NovelA Reader's Delight
Grief Observed, ALewis, C. S.1000 Books to Read
Guadalcanal DiaryTregaskis, Richard1943History100 One-Night Reads
Hard TimesDickens, CharlesCC
Haunted Bookshop (The Bookshop Novels), TheMorley, Christopher1919Novel289 pages1000 Books to Read
Hawk and the Dove, TheWilcock, PenelopeSpiritual, NovelBook Girl
Heart Berries
Mailhot, Terese Marie
Heart of DarknessConrad, Joseph1902Classic, Novel78 pagesGood Books
Heat and Dust
Jhabvala, Ruth Prawer
1000 Books to Read
Heat of the Day, TheBowen, Elizabeth1948Classic372 pages
Heaventree Trilogy, ThePargeter, EdithFictionBook Girl
High Wind in Jamaica, AHughes, Richard1928283 pages1000 Books to Read
Hills is Lonely, TheBeckwith, Lillian1959Memoir240 pages1000 Books to Read
Hiroshima DiaryHachiya, Michihiko1945History1000 Books to Read
History of Tom Jones, A Foundling, TheFielding, Henry1749700 pages1000 Books to Read
HolidayMiddleton, StanleyBooker Winner
Travellin’ Penguin (
Holy Land: A Suburban MemoirWaldie, D. J.Memoir1000 Books to Read
Horse’s Mouth, TheCary, Joyce1944Novel466 pages1000 Books to Read
House of LeavesDanielwski, Mark Z.2000Cult ClassicBibliophile
House of the SpiritsAllende, IsabelNovel1000 Books to Read
House You Pass on the WayWoodson, JacquelineElem FicBibliophile
How to Be a Domestic GoddessLawson, Nigella1998CookingBibliophile
How to Be EverythingWapnick, EmilieCreativityBibliophile
How to Tell When You're Tired: A Brief Examination of WorkTheriault, Reg1995Essays1000 Books to Read
Hunchback of Notre Dame, TheHugo, VictorCC
HungerHamsun, Knut1891Classic132 pagesA Lifetime's Reading; 1000 Books to Read
I Married AdventureJohnston, Osa1940TravelBibliophile
If This is a ManLevi, Primo1947Autobio1000 Books to Read
Immoralist, TheGide, Andre1902NovelGood Books
Importance of Living, TheYutang, Lu1938Classic462 pages
A Lifetime's Reading; Books for Living
In Our TimeHemingway, Ernest1924160 pages1000 Books to Read
In the Mountainsvon Arnim, Elizabeth1920Novel160 pages
In Xanadu: A QuestDalrymple, William1990Travel1000 Books to Read
Indian SummerHowells, William Dean1886NovelA Reader's Delight
Inner EngineeringSadhguruMeaningBibliophile
Instant Happiness on Every PageCurrie, LisaMeaningBibliophile
Invention of Morel, TheCasares, Adolfo Bioy1940Novella100 pages
Emma at Words and Peace
Invention of Nature, TheWulf, Andrea2015Nature
1000 Books to Read, Bibliophile
Invisible CitiesCalvino, Italo1972165 pages1000 Books to Read
Invisible ManEllison, Ralph1952Classic460 pages1000 Books to Read; LJ
Invisible Man, TheWells, H. G.1897149 pages1000 Books to Read
IslandHuxley, AldousCC
IslandiaWright, Austin Tappan1942Science fiction1014 pagesA Reader's Delight
Jane EyreBronte, CharlotteCC
Japanese Inn: A Reconstruction of the PastStatler, Oliver1961Travel1000 Books to Read
Jest of God, ALaurence, Margaret1966Fiction224 pagesPuss Reboots; Good Books
Jock of the BushveldFitzpatrick, Percy1907304 pages1001 Children's
Journal of a Disappointed Man, TheBarbellion, W. N. P.1919Journal400 pagesA Reader's Delight
Journals of Lewis and ClarkLewis, Meriwether1814Classic, Travel715 pages1000 Books to Read
Journey Around My Roomde Maistre, Xavier1790Books for Living
Juliet Takes a BreathRivera, Gabby2016Coming of AgeBibliophile
Jungle, TheSinclair, UptonLJ
Justine (The Alexandria Quartet)Durrell, Lawrence1000 Books to Read
Killing MoonJemisin, N. K.FantasyBibliophile
King LearShakespeare, William1000 Books to Read
Knowing GodPacker, J. I.SpiritualBook Girl
Kristin Lavransdatter: The WreathUndset, Sigrid1920Classic338 pagesLisbeth at the Content Reader, 1000 Books to Read, Book Girl
Labels: A Mediterranean JournalWaugh, Evelyn1930TravelGood Books
Ladies Drawing NightRothmanCreativityBibliophile
Last of the Mohicans, TheCooper, James Fenimore1825402 pages1000 Books to Read
Lateral Thinking: An Introductionde Bono, Edward1967CreativityBooks for Living
Leopard, TheLampedusa, Giuseppe Tomasi di1956330 pages1000 Books to Read
Let Us Now Praise Famous MenAgee, James1941Classic, Nonfiction500 pages1000 Books to Read
Life and Adventures of John Nicol, MarinerNicol, John1822Memoir208 pages100 One-Night Reads
Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, TheDickens, CharlesClassic1000 Books to Read
Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, TheSterne, Laurence
Life and Opinions of Zacharias Lichter, TheCalinescu, Matei1969NovelReese
life and times of archy and mehitabelMarquis, Don1838Novel952 pages1000 Books to Read
Life in MexicoCalderon de la Barca, Frances E.1843TravelGood Books
Life is a Miracle: An Essay against Modern SuperstitionBerry, WendellNonfictionBook Girl
Life: A User's ManualPerec, Georges1000 Books to Read
Light in AugustFaulkner, William
Dorothy of Nature of Things
Light YearsSalter, James1975Novel1000 Books to Read
LilithMacDonald, GeorgeFantasyBook Girl
LionboyCorder, ZizouElem FicBibliophile
List of Books, TheRafael, Frederic
1000 Books to Read
Little Life, AYanagihara, HanyaNovelBibliophile
Little MenAlcott, Louisa MayCC
Little Red Chairs, TheO'Brien, Edna2015Novel320 pages1000 Books to Read
Little Virtues, TheGinzburg, Natalia19621000 Books to Read
Living Thoughts of Kierkegaard, TheKierkegaard, Søren18451000 Books to Read
Liza Lou and the Yeller Belly SwampMayer, MercerPicture BookBibliophile
Long Day’s Journey into NightO'Neill, Eugene1956Play1000 Books to Read
Long Loneliness, TheDay, Dorothy1952Biography1000 Books to Read
Look Homeward, AngelWolfe, Thomas1929Novel544 pages1000 Books to Read
Lord JimConrad, Joseph1900Novel312 pages
Lost HorizonHilton, James1933Novel272 pages100 One-Night Reads
Lost IllusionsBalzac, Honoré De1837656 pages1000 Books to Read
Love in a Cold ClimateMitford, Nancy1949Classic248 pagesBibliophile
Love in a Time of Cholera
Marquez, Gabriel Garcia
Love's Immensity: Mystics on the Endless LifeCairns, ScottSpiritual, PoetryBook Girl
Loved One, TheWaugh, Evelyn1948Novel176 pages1000 Books to Read
Lucky JimAmis, Kingsley1953Novel296 pages100 One-Night Reads
Madame de TreymesWharton, Edith1906Classic90 pages100 One-Night Reads
Magic Mountain, TheMann, Thomas1924720 pages1000 Books to Read
MagiciansGrossman, LevMagicBibliophile
Maltese Falcon, TheHammett, Dashiell1930Mystery224 pages1000 Books to Read; LJ
Man Who Loved Children, TheStead, Christina1940Novel527 pages1000 Books to Read
Man Who Was Thursday, TheChesterton, G. K.1908Mystery330 pages1000 Books to Read
Man Without Qualities, TheMusil, Robert1943Classic, Novel1130 pages1000 Books to Read
Man's Search for MeaningFrankl, Viktor1946Classic200 pagesBibliophile, Elke
Map: Collected and Last PoemsSzymborska, Wislawa2015Poetry464 pages1000 Books to Read
Master and the Margarita, TheBulgakov, Mikhail1940Novel384 pages1000 Books to Read; CC
Mayor of CasterbridgeHardy, Thomas1886Classic400 pages1000 Books to Read
MeditationsAurelius, Marcus165Classic, Essays146 pages1000 Books to Read
Memento MoriSpark, Muriel1959Novel225 pages
1000 Books to Read, Bibliophile
Mencken Chrestomathy, AMencken, H. L.1949Short Stories627 pages1000 Books to Read
MiddlemarchHardy, Thomas1871848 pages
Midsummer Night's Dream, AShakespeare, WilliamCC
Miss Carter and the IfritKerby, Susan Alice1945Humor224 pages
Miss HargreavesBaker, Frank1940Novel337 pgs.
Book of Forgotten Authors
Mistress Masham's ReposeWhite, T. H.1946Classic260 pages1001 Children's Books
Moment's Liberty, A: The Shorter Diary of Virginia Woolf
Bell, Anne Olivier (ed.)
Diary1000 Books to Read
Moon is Down, TheSteinbeck, John1942Novel188 pagesblogger
Moonstone, TheCollins, Wilkie1868530 pages1000 Books to Read
Moosewood CookbookKatzen1974CookingBibliophile
Most Perfect Thing: Inside and (Outside) a Bird's EggBirkhead, TimNatureBibliophile
Mountain Between Us, TheMartin, CharlesFiction
Moving Toyshop, TheCrispin, EdmundMystery1000 Books to Read
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream HomeHodgins, Eric1946Novel237 pages1000 Books to Read
Mrs. Palfrey at the ClaremontTaylor, Elizabeth1971Novel205 pages
Much Ado About NothingShakespeare, WilliamCC
Mutiny on the BountyNordhoff, Charles and James Norman Hall1932Novel366 pages
Dennis, 1000 Books to Read
My Brilliant FriendFerrante, Elena2012Book ClubBibliophile
My Father's GloryPagnol, Marcel1960Memoir344 pagesA Reader's Delight
My First Summer in the SierraMuir, John1911Travel146 pages1000 Books to Read
My StruggleKnausgaard, Karl Ove2009Memoir3,600 pagesBibliophile
Mystery of the Yellow RoomLeroux, Gaston1907Classic556 pages1001 Children's Books
MysticismUnderhill, EvelynSpiritualBook Girl
NanaZola, Emile1880Fiction387 pagesMae’s Food Blog
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American SlaveDouglass, Frederick1845Memoir160 pages1000 Books to Read
Native SonWright, Richard1940Novel544 pages1000 Books to Read; LJ
Nest, The
Sweeney, Cynthia D'Aprix
NevermoorTownsend, JessicaFantasy; YAA.J.
Nicholas NicklebyDickens, CharlesCC
No Hurry to Get HomeHahn, EmilyTravelBibliophile
Notes from the Century Before: A Journal from British ColumbiaHoagland, Edward1969TravelGood Books
Notes from UndergroundDostoevsky, Fyodor1864Classic154 pages1000 Books to Read
Nothing to See Here (great on audio)Kevin WilsonLes
NovaDelany, Samuel R.1968Sci fi279 pages1000 Books to Read
O Pioneers!Cather, WillaCC
Of Human Bondage
Maugham, W. Somerset
OffshoreFitzgerald, PenelopeNovel1000 Books to Read
Old Curiosity ShopDickens, Charles1840Novel510 pages
Old FilthGardam, Jane2004
Unhappy Families
Old HerbaceousArkell, ReginaldNovel1000 Books to Read
Oliver TwistDickens, Charles1839Classic600 pagesDennis
Omelette and a Glass of Wine, AnDavid, Elizabeth1955-84Food320 pages
On Roads: A Secret HistoryMoran, Joe2009TravelAdventures in Reading, Running, and Working from Home
One Day in the Life of Ivan DenisovichSolzhenitsyn, Aleksandr1962Novel234 pages1000 Books to Read
One Hundred Views of Mount FujiHokusai, Katsushika1835Art224 pages1000 Books to Read
Optimist's Daughter, TheWelty, Eudora1972Novel208 pagesTracyK, JoAnn
Option BSheryl SandbergLes
OrangesMcPhee, John1967Nonfiction176 pages1000 Books to Read
OthelloShakespeare, William1603Play320 pages1000 Books to Read
Otterbury Incident, TheDay-Lewis, Cecil1948Children's148 pages1001 Children's
Out of AfricaDinesen, Isak1938Classic, MemoirGood Books
Out of the Silent PlanetLewis, C. S.1943Science fiction160 pages100 One-Night Reads
Outermost House, TheBeston, Henry1928Travel222 pages
1000 Books to Read, Good Books
Ox-Bow Incident, TheClark, Walter Van Tilberg1940Western309 pages100 One-Night Reads
Palm-of-the-Hand StoriesKawabata, Yasunari1924-1972Short Stories288 pages1000 Books to Read
Palpable God, APrice, Reynolds1978Spiritual1000 Books to Read
Paper-Flower TreeAyer, JacquelinePicture BookBibliophile
Paris Was Yesterday: 1925-1939Flanner, Janet1972Memoir320 pages100 One-Night Reads
Passage to IndiaForster, E. M.1924Classic370 pages
Path to Rome, TheBelloc, Hillaire1902Travel413 pagesGood Books
Peace Like a RiverEnger, Leif2001Fiction320 pagesBook Girl
Peer GyntIbsen, Henrik1867Play210 pages
Père GoriotBalzac, Honoré De1834Classic304 pages1000 Books to Read
Perfect Stranger, TheKavanagh, P. J.1966Memoir1000 Books to Read
Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Al-Madinah and MeccahBurton, Sir Richard F.1855-56Travel290 pagesGood Books
Pianist, TheSzpilman, Wladyslaw
(another tragic story but he survived; an Oscar winning movie was made of the book; there is You Tube video of him performing a short piece by Chopin on the piano in his home)
Piano Shop on the Left Bank, TheCarhart, Thad2002Novel304 pages1000 Books to Read
Pick Me UpKurtz, Adam J.MeaningBibliophile
Pigeon PostRansome, Arthur1936Classic433 pages1001 Children's Books
Pigs Have WingsWodehouse, P. G.1952Novel1000 Books to Read
Pilgrim at Tinker CreekDillard, Annie1974Memoir, Nature304 pagesBook Girl
Pilgrim Hawk, TheWescott, Glenway1940Novel100 One-Night Reads
Pilgrim's InnGoudge, Elizabeth1948Novel370 pagesBook Girl
Pillow Book, TheShonagon, Sei967Classic, Diary416 pagesGood Books
Pizza BibleGemignani2014CookingBibliophile
Planet Narnia: The Seven Heavens in the Imagination of C. S. LewisWard, MichaelNonfictionBook Girl
Playing With Fire: A Natural Selection of Religious PoetryDwyer, SusanPoetryBook Girl
PlaysChekhov, Anton1904Plays1000 Books to Read
Poem Itself, TheBurnshaw, Stanley (ed.)1960Classic338 pagesA Lifetime's Reading
Poet X, TheAcevedoYABibliophile
Poetics of Space, TheBachelard, GastonArt1000 Books to Read
Portable Dorothy Parker, TheParker, Dorothy1944Essays656 pages1000 Books to Read
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, TheJoyce, JamesLJ
Practice of the Presence of God, TheBrother LawrenceSpiritualBook Girl
Prayer: Finding the Heart's True HomeFoster, RichardSpiritualBook Girl
President, The
Arturias, Miguel Angel
Bibliophile, p. 138
Princess of Clèves, The
Lafayette, Madame de
1000 Books to Read
Prodigal God, TheKeller, TimothySpiritualBook Girl
Provence: From Minstrels to the MachineFord, Ford Maddox1935Travel338 pagesGood Books
QuartetRhys, Jean1928Novel224 pagesMae
Queen LuciaBenson, E. F.1920Novel188 pages100 One-Night Reads
Radical CandorScott, KimWorkBibliophile
Razor's Edge, TheMaugham, W. Somerset1944Classic314 pages100 One-Night Reads, Bibliophile; LJ
Renaissance of Wonder: The Fantasy Worlds of C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, George MacDonald, E. Nesbit, and OthersLochhead, MarionNonfictionBook Girl
Return of the Soldier, TheBooks and Livres
Rhododendron PieSharp, Margery1930Novel233 pages
Richard IIShakespeare, WilliamPlay1000 Books to Read
Riddley WalkerHoban, RussellNBCCA
Ring of Bright WaterMaxwell, Gavin1960Animal; Children's160 pages1000 Books to Read; 1001 Children's Books
RingworldNiven, Larry1000 Books to Read
Rise & Fall of the Third Reich, TheShirer, William L.HistoryDennis
River, TheGodden, Rumer1946NovelGood Books
Roll, Jordan, Roll: The World the Slaves MadeEugene Genovese1975HistoryRuth of A Great Book Study
Romantic Age, TheMilne, A. A.Plays
Rome and a VillaClark, Eleanor1952Travel315 pages1000 Books to Read
SanditonAusten, JaneCC
Scandals of ClochemerleChevallier, Gabriel1936Novel328 pagesGood Books
Scarlet Letter, TheHawthorne, Nathaniel1850Novel
1000 Books to Read, Gary
Scarlet Pimpernel, TheOrczy, BaronessCC
Scent of Water, TheGoudge, ElizabethNovelBook Girl
Sea and the Jungle, TheTomlinson, H. M.1910Travel1000 Books to Read
Sea, the Sea, TheMurdoch, Iris1978Novel1000 Books to Read
Seagull, TheChekhov, Anton1896Play1000 Books to Read
Secret Life of Salvador Dali, TheDali, Salvador1968Classic434 pagesA Lifetime's Reading
Selected StoriesMansfield, KatherineCC
Semi-Attached Couple, TheEden, Emily1860Classic208 pagesA Reader's Delight
Sentimental EducationFlaubert, Gustave1869Novel1000 Books to Read
Severed Wasp, AL'Engle, MadeleineNovelBook Girl
Roberts, Gregory David
Short StoriesHemingway, ErnestShort StoriesDennis
Short Stories of Dorothy ParkerParker, DorothyShort StoriesIntroverted Jen
Sibley Guide to Birds
National Audobon Society
SiddharthaHesse, HermanCC
Silas MarinerEliot, GeorgeCC
SilenceEndo, Shusako1966Spiritual, Novel256 pagesBook Girl
Sister CarrieDreiser, Theodore1900CC; LJ
Sixth Extinction, TheKolbert, ElizabethNBCCA
Sixty SummersHampson, AmandaWomen's fiction3 women recreate trip of their youthShelly at Book'd Out
Sleepless NightsHardwick, Elizabeth1979Novel1000 Books to Read
Small Talk at WreylandTorr, CecilMemoir1000 Books to Read
Smitten Kitchen CookbookPerelman, Deb2012CookingBibliophile
SnapshotsMagris, ClaudioEssaysReese at Typings
Snow Leopard, TheMatthiessen, Peter1978Nature338 pagesGood Books
Something FreshWodehouse, P. G.1915Classic190 pages100 One-Night Reads
So Long, See You TomorrowMaxwell, William
Son of the Morning StarConnell, Evan S.1000 Books to Read
Song of the Lark, TheCather, Willa1915Novel160 pagesBook Girl
Souls of Black Folk, TheDu Bois, W. E. B.1903240 pages1000 Books to Read
Sound and the Fury, TheFaulkner, William1929Novel326 pages1000 Books to Read
Sound of Things FallingVasquez, Jean Gabriel2011
Around the World: Colombia
Bibliophile, p. 138
Sound of Waves, TheMishima, Yukio1954Novel
Emma at Words and Peace
State of WonderAnn PatchettNovelLes
SteppenwolfHesse, HermanCC
StonerWilliams, John1965Novel
1000 Books to Read, Bibliophile
Storm in a TeacupCzerski, HelenScienceBibliophile
Story Girl, TheMontgomery, L. M.NovelBook Girl
Story of My Life, TheKeller, Helen1933Memoir346 pages1000 Books to Read
Story of My TeethLuiselli, ValeriaNovelBibliophile
Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, TheStevenson, Robert Louis18861000 Books to Read
String Too Short to Be SavedHall, Donald1961Autobio1000 Books to Read
SummerWharton, Edith1917194 pages
Summer Guest, TheJustin CroninLes
Sun Also Rises, TheHemingway, Ernest1926
Sunflower Splendor: Three Thousand Years of Chinese PoetryLiu, Wu-chi and Irving Yucheng Lo1976PoetryGood Books
Surprise of Cremona, TheTempleton, Edith1954Travel1000 Books to Read
Surprised by JoyLewis, C. S.MemoirBook Girl
Sympathizer, TheNguyen, Viet ThanhNovelBibliophile
Tale of Genji, TheMurasaki, Shibibu1000Classic, Novel
Good Books, 1000 Books to Read
Tale of Two Cities, ADickens, Charles1859Classic590 pages1000 Books to Read
Talking Like the Rain: A Read-to-me Book of PoemsKennedy, X. J. (ed.)Poetry
Tartar Steppe, TheBuzzati, Dino1940Novel1000 Books to Read
Teaching a Stone to TalkDillard, Annie1982Nature; Essays176 pages
Dorothy at Nature of Things
Team of RivalsGoodwin, Dorothy Kearns2005History944 pagesDennis
Telling the Truth: The Gospel as Tragedy, Comedy, and Fairy TaleBuechner, FrederickSpiritualBook Girl
Tempest, TheShakespeare, WilliamCC
Ten Thousand Things, TheDermout, Maria1958NovelIndonesian novel 
Good Books, 100 One-Night Reads
Tess of the D'UrbervillesHardy, ThomasCC
Tess of the RoadHartman, Rachel2018YA fantasy
Wendy at Falconer's Library
They Came Like SwallowsMaxwell, William1937Novel174 pages100 One-Night Reads
Thing with FeathersStrycker, NoahNatureBibliophile
Third Man, TheGreene, Graham1950Suspense160 pages1000 Books to Read
Thirty-Nine Steps, TheBuchan, John1915Mystery100 pages1000 Books to Read
This Side of ParadiseFitzgerald, F. ScottCC
Thoughts to Make Your Heart SingLloyd-Jones, SallyChildren'sBook Girl
Thousand Acres, ASmiley, JaneNBCCA
Three Golden Keys, TheSis, Peter1994Picture book1000 Books to Read
Three SistersChekhov, Anton190072 pages1000 Books to Read
Thurber Carnival, TheThurber, James1945448 pages1000 Books to Read
Thus Spoke ZarathustraNietzsche, FriedrichCC
Till We Have FacesLewis, C. S.1956Novel314 pagesBook Girl
Time and the Art of LivingGrudin, Robert1982Philosophy1000 Books to Read
Time It Never Rained, TheKelton, Elmer1973Novel378 pagesLone Star Lit
Time Machine, TheWells, H. G.CC
Time of Gifts, AFermor, Patrick Leigh1977Travel1000 Books to Read
Tin Drum, TheGrass, Gunter1959Classic568 pagesA Lifetime's Reading; Good Books; LJ
To Have and To Have NotHemingway, ErnestCC
To the LighthouseWoolf, Virginia1927Classic180 pages
1000 Books to Read, Bibliophile
Tom JonesFielding, Henry1749Classic690 pages
A Lifetime's Reading, 1000 Books to Read
Travels in Asia and AfricaIbn Battuta1340Classic270 pagesA Lifetime's Reading
Travels of Marco Polo, ThePolo, Marco1300Classic, Travel1000 Books to Read
Travels Through France and ItalySmollett, Tobias1766TravelGood Books
Travels with a Donkey in the CevennesStevenson, Robert Louis1879Travel97 pagesGood Books
Travels with Myself and AnotherGelhorn, Martha1978TravelBibliophile
Trial, TheKafka, Franz1915Classic119 pages
Tristam ShandySterne, LawrenceCC
Tuscan Year, TheRomer, Elizabeth1984Travel1000 Books to Read
UlyssesJoyce, James19221000 Books to Read
Uncle VanyaChekhov, Anton1897Plays64 pages1000 Books to Read
Under Milk WoodThomas, Dylan1954Plays192 pages100 One-Night Reads
Under the Udala TreesOkyaranta, ChineloNovelBibliophile
Unspoken SermonsMacDonald, GeorgeSpiritualBook Girl
Up from SlaveryWashington, Booker T.1901Memoir140 pages1000 Books to Read
Valley of the Assassins, TheStark, Freya1934TravelA Reader's Delight
Vanity FairThackeray, William Makepeace1847Classic628 pagesA Lifetime's Reading, 1000 Books to Read, The Chocolate Lady
Varieties of Religious Experience, TheJames, William1902Spiritual1000 Books to Read
Village SchoolRead, Miss1955Novel242 pages1000 Books to Read
Voices in the OceanCasey, SusanNatureBibliophile
Wait, What? And Life's Other Essential QuestionsRyan, James
Walking on WaterL'Engle, MadeleineWriting; EssaysBook Girl
Walls Came Tumbling Down, TheRoosenburg, Henriette1957MemoirA Reader's Delight
Wanderings in South AmericaWaterton, Charles1825Travel272 pagesGood Books
War of the WorldsWells, H. G.CC
Washington SquareJames, Henry1881Classic248 pages
Watch the North Wind RiseGraves, Robert1949Science fiction423 pagesA Reader's Delight
Waves, TheWoolf, VirginiaCC
Way of All Flesh, TheButler, Samuel1903Classic360 pages1000 Books to Read
Westward Ha! or Around the World in 80 ClichesPerelman, S. J.1948TravelGood Books
What School Could BeDintersmith, TedEducation
When French Women CookKamman, Madeleine1977Food Narrative1000 Books to Read
When My Time ComesDiane RehmLes
Where Angels Fear to TreadForster, E. M.CC
Where the Dead Pause and the Japanese Say GoodbyeMockettTravelBibliophile
Why Zebras Don't Get UlcersSapolsky, Robert M.MeaningBibliophile
Wide Sargasso SeaRhys, Jean1966Classic176 pages
Anna at A Wondrous Bookshelf
Wild by NatureMarquis, SarahTravelBibliophile
Wilder Shores of Love, TheBlanch, Lesley1954Travel1000 Books to Read
Wine FollyPuckett, Madeline2018Nonfiction
Winter of Our DiscontentSteinbeck, JohnCC
Winter’s Tale, TheShakespeare, William1611Classic160 pages
Within This WildernessZiner, Feenie1978Memoir1000 Books to Read
Wives and DaughtersGaskell, Elizabeth1866Classic, Novel583 pagesBibliophile
WoolHowey, Hugh2011Dystopia250 pagesBibliophile
World of Yesterday, TheStefan Zweig1942472 pagesAustin Kleon
Worm Ouroboros, TheEddison, E. R.1922Science fictionGood Books
Worst Journey in the World, TheCherry-Garrard, Apsley1922Travel
1000 Books to Read, Bibliophile
Wreath (Kristin Lavransdatter), TheUndset, Sigrid1920Novel336 pagesBeautiful Hope
Write AwayGeorge, Elizabeth2004WritingBibliophile
Wuthering HeightsBronte, EmilyCC
You Learn By LivingRoosevelt, Eleanor1960EssaysBibliophile
Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One with the UniverseFaugawa2014
Pic Bks for Grownups
Zen Master PoemsAllen, Dick2016Poetry1000 Books to Read
ZibaldoneLeopardi, Giacomo1900Philosophy1000 Books to Read
Zuni Cafe CookbookRogers, Judy2002CookbookBibliophile

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  1. What a list! I see some favorites and not-so-favorites on here but nothing that I would tell you to skip. The Country of the Pointed Firs, Jane Eyre, and Little Men are some favorites that stood out.

    I worked in clinical research in a large opthalmology practice before we started traveling. There is a *lot* of research being done into treatment for macular degeneration. The prognosis for wet macular degeneration in particular is infinitely better than it used to be.


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