Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Harvey Pays a Visit to South Texas

A year ago, my part of the world was ripped apart by Hurricane Harvey. Harvey set a new record for the amount of rainfall a hurricane dropped; in four days, the area around Houston received 51.88 inches. When that amount of rain falls suddenly around here, you have trouble. Up to a million cars were flooded. Over 204,000 homes were flooded.

Here are some pictures we took last year during and after Harvey rolled through the Texas Gulf Coast.

Here is what the rain was like. Just a normal rain, right? 
But it went on and on for four days and nights.

My dad's neighbors.

My son's neighbors.

Cleanup begins at the home of some students from my school.

My husband's office building was flooded.
This was his office for many months.

Many friends and family spent the last year repairing their homes. I still have some friends who have not been able to return home.

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  1. These huge storms are so destructive.

  2. As much as we need rain, I think that may be a little too much. 51 inches would reall fllod the thames around here and no doubt London.
    The window sills are on a old school, if you looked at the previous days post you would have seen the school and almshouses nearby.

    1. It was too much for our area. All the floodplains were full.

      Thank you for the clarification on your photo.

  3. Yes, that was quite a storm indeed. And I know that the area is still recovering and will be for some time to come. My understanding is that the Port Aransas Library is still closed and will be for who knows how long. I met a mystery writer this spring that lives in my area, but vacations in Port Aransas. Her name is Laura Oles and her debut mystery is set in a fictional town based on Port A. Anyway, she was telling me about the devastation there and that she has been trying to collect books for the Port A Library. We talked about it for quite some time. Sigh.

    1. I know that the Texas Library Association collects money for libraries that have been damaged or destroyed. I hope they are working with the Port Aransas Library.

  4. That must have been terrible ! We are so helpless against nature !

  5. Hurricanes are scary as hell.
    I went through Hurricane Andrew in 1992.
    It took our roof off.
    Then it started to rain.

    I feel for the people in the Carolinas right now.

    - Lisa

  6. This hurricanes are so destruktive...
    A big catastrophe again!

  7. Wow, those are really stunning photos, Deb. Glad you and your family were OK. Hard to imagine that kind of devastation.


    Book By Book

  8. Wow, didn't know the statistics on Harvey. The pictures really bring the situation to life. Thanks. #Sundaypost


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