Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Name the Wildflowers

I'm trying to learn the names of the wildflowers that grow in my county, Brazoria County, in Texas, along the Gulf Coast. These are photos I've taken. Each of these was identified and confirmed in iNaturalist

Top row: Texas Bluebonnet; Texas Paintbrush; White Clover; Sunshine Mimosa; Pinkladies.

Second row: Largeflower Pink-Sorrel; Southern Dewberry; Blue Mistflower; Indian Blanket; Scarlet Pimpernel. 

Third Row: Prairie Nymph; Aquatic Milkweed; Plains Coreopsis; Common Sunflower; American Beautyberry.

Fourth Row: Tiny Bluet; Brazilian Vervain; American Trumpet Vine; Turk's Cap; Tall Goldenrod.

Last Row: Common Dandelion; Straggler Daisy; Climbing Hempvine; Crowpoison; Oppositeleaf Spotflower.

First Row: Black-eyed Susan, Buttonweed, Clasping Coneflower, Meadow Pink, Mexican Primrose-Willow. 

Second Row: Purple Passionflower, Saltmarsh Mallow, Slender Vetch, Tievine, Turkey Tangle Frogfruit. 

Third Row: Coral Honeysuckle, Tenpetal Anemone, False Mint, Firebush, Purple Coneflower. 

Fourth Row: Late Boneset, Whitemouth Dayflower, Butterweed, Common Selfheal, Coral Bean. 

Last Row: Texas Thistle, Trailing Fuzzy-Bean, Saltmarsh Morning-Glory, Traub's Rain-Lily, Maximillan Sunflower.

Do you recognize any of these?
Do any of these wildflowers grow near you?
Are you familiar with iNaturalist? (I'm debnance there, btw.)
Do you have any suggestions about how I can learn the names of wildflowers?

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