Saturday, August 5, 2023

The Sunday Salon: Out of Town for the Fourth Week in a Row!


Welcome! I'm happy you joined us here at the Sunday Salon. What is the Sunday Salon? The Sunday Salon is a place to link up and share what we have been doing during the week. It's a great way to visit other blogs and join in the conversations going on there. 

I'm off again, out of town for the fourth week in a row. I'm headed for Big Sandy, Texas to visit with my son and his family before his kids go back to school. Can't wait to see them all!

What I Read Last Week:

I'm no sports person, but I loved the audiobook of sportscaster Mike Greenberg's Got Your Number. Greenberg chose a sports legend to go with every number from 1-100. I can talk books now with people with whom I am normally unable to talk books.

My last Paris-in-July book this year is French Milk, a graphic novel of the experiences author/illustrator Lucy Knisley had in Paris when she was almost twenty-two.

Jane Goodall is interviewed by Douglas Abrams in The Book of Hope. It makes me feel a teensy bit more hopeful about the world to think that Jane Goodall has hope.

A scammer from Romania takes everything from Mrs. Plansky during a late night call, but Mrs. Plansky will not accept her government's assessment that nothing can be done. Mrs. Plansky's Revenge is a gentle summer read.

What I'm Reading Now:

I spent July in Paris,
and now I'm off to Italy for August.

I began to list 3 Good Things every day during the pandemic, and I found I greatly increased my happiness when I did this. Now I've established a regular routine of writing down my 3 Good Things. Here are 3 Good Things from last week:

Good Thing #1:
G-granddaughter Lucy's favorite birthday present?
Happily for this G-Nana---Lucy loves her books.

Good Thing #2:
We had a huge turnout of folks in my town
to help figure out if we can fully reopen our Y.

Good Thing #3:

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