Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Des Livres Courts Sur Paris Qui Sont Babuleux (Short Books About Paris That Are Fabulous)

It was a Frenchman who invented the Michelin Guides, so Paris is long accustomed to being starred and tarred.

But when you are Paris, it's mostly stars.

Maybe you are tired, though, of the all the Fodors and Frommers' takes on Paris. For something short and refreshing, why not pick up one of these?

The Little Pleasures of Paris

All the wonderful places to visit in Paris, together with watercolor paintings of the sites and a little blurb about each...excellent!

Everyone Loves Paris

Fifty illustrators share their love of Paris in this book, from the big iconic parts of Paris to the small moments of joy.

F is for France

It's a trivia book. It's an encyclopedia. It's a curious cabinet of wonders. And it's all about the most wonderful place on earth, France. 

You really must read this book.

Le Road Trip: A Traveler's Journal of Love and France

You really have to see this book to really appreciate how lovely it is. Yes, Vivian Swift has written the story of the road trip she and her new husband took through Paris and France, and that’s lovely in itself, but she is also an artist who takes the tiny details of a trip and shares them with her readers through her compelling drawings, and that takes you right to what is beautiful and amazing about France.

Curiosities of Paris: An Idiosyncratic Guide to Overlooked Delights...Hidden in Plain Sight

I bought a copy of this book for my sister, who frequently goes to Paris, and for me, who has only been two times and dreams of returning.

It will be perfect for my sister. My sister knows everything about Paris that appears in the guidebooks. She will love this fresh and detailed look at the interesting small pleasures of Paris.

In ten more years, after I have been to Paris several more times...it will be perfect for me, too.

Paris by Pastry: Stalking the Sweet Life on the Streets of Paris

Do you need a guide to the best pastries of Paris? There can be no guide more complete than this one. Mind the copyright date, of course, but give this book a whirl.

Forever Paris: 25 Walks in the Footsteps of Chanel, Hemingway, Picasso, and More

Step where twenty-five of Paris' most esteemed authors, artists, politicians, and "ne'er-do-wells" have stepped when you follow this little guide through Paris. 

750 Years of Paris

Now isn't this fun? Mahé takes a building in Paris from the time it was first built until the present day, stopping now and then to take a close look at how it has changed and what's going on around it, through seven hundred and fifty years of history. It's an oversized book, so each stop on the timeline is filled with lots of delightful details in the drawings. Don't expect a lot of explanation about what's going on, but it's probably sufficient for the children who are the target audience of this book. Quite fun.

Stuff Parisians Like: Discovering the Quoi in the Je Ne Said Quoi

Stuff Parisians Like: that's exactly what this book is about. It takes on all the odd and currently fashionable things that those who live in Paris love, and shares them, with an air of both reverence and humor. It's a fun read including things I knew of (scorn for tourists; wearing black; scarves) and things I didn't (snow; Thailand; barbecues), all related in a gentle and kindly manner.

For a list of my favorite short books, take a look at 100 One-Night Reads.

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  1. Nice twist on the theme!

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thank you!

  2. Oh goodie! Some fun books to explore. I hope my library has a few of these to discover on my own. Thanks for the compliment about my blog post about short stories.

  3. I just added In Paris With You to my TBR today. Not sure how you feel about YA, but it looks like it could be cute.
    Dani @ The Restricted Section

  4. Great list! I like that you went with a Paris theme. That Curiosities book looks really good. I enjoy random facts like that.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  5. Love this list! What fun books. I have 'Le Road Trip' and adore it.

  6. Lots of good ones here. The list is getting longer. Le Road Trip is one of my favorite all time books. A desert island book, to be sure. Vivian is finishing up one on Giverny now. Can't wait!

  7. How many times have you gone in person to Paris, Deb? Are repeat visits ever as good as the first trip? Is going to Paris as good as you remember?


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