Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Books to Pull You Out of a Reading Slump

Reading slump? What's a reading slump?

I've been reading since I was two years old, and, if you do the math, that's almost sixty years of reading. I can't remember (literally and figuratively) a time when I wasn't reading. At Goodreads, I've managed to remember over 4,000 books read.

That said, there have definitely been times when my reading slowed. When I had little kids. When I took on a very busy job. After my mother died....

Over the years, I've learned lots of little tricks to get back in the reading saddle, including:

Reread an old favorite.
(Here's My Best Reads Ever.)

Read a short book.
(Here's 100 One-Night Reads.)

Read randomly in a big huge browsable book.
(Here's Browsable Books, or...GASP!...I Don't Read Every Word in a Book!)

Listen to an audiobook.
(Here's my favorite audiobook series: It's Me Again, Hank the Cowdog.)

Try a book that is way, way out of your norm.
(Here's The Most Unique Books I've Ever Read.)

If none of this works, ask your fellow bloggers for help.
We love to offer up book counseling.

What do you do when you hit a slump?

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  1. I never really had a problem with slumps. Though lately I have had a string of reads that didn't work for me, but there's always hope for the next book to be the one that breaks the trend!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

    1. I agree with you. I don't slump much either, but I forge on.

  2. Like you said re read an old book you enjoyed or find something new and exciting. I'm about to read a couple my wife read and enjoyed and might even review them

  3. I've had a few reading slumps so I love this post. Thanks for the links!

  4. I tend to go with reading a short book or reading a book by a favourite author (new or old).
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2018/08/21/top-ten-tuesday-173/

  5. Listening to an audiobook is one of my top slump busting tips, too! Especially when I'm stuck on a book and it feels like it is taking me for-ev-er to get through it, downloading the audiobook and breezing through a couple of chapters while I do dishes, cook, etc. really helps a lot!

  6. YA fluff usually works for me when I get into a slump.

  7. Looks like I will be spending about two hours on your site alone looking over all your lists. I love book lists. Did you create your favorite books list over a long period of time, or just sit down oe day and hammer it out?

  8. I don't really slump much and try never to force myself to read when I'm not in the mood. (The former may well be because of the latter.) But if I'm not enticed by what's on my TBR pile, I turn to an old favourite.

  9. Great tips! I don’t have slumps often, but I can get out of them by reading short books, rereading a favorite, or switching genres.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  10. I love the idea of reading something that you normally wouldn't. I tend to stick with the same genres, so I'll have to give that a try soon!

  11. If I ever get in a slump, I'd head for the children's books to give me a reading boost.


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