Tuesday, January 1, 2019

My One Word: Play

I like setting goals. I like achieving goals.

I usually set small goals. I can easily achieve small goals. Exercise once a week? Sure, I can do that. Blog once a week? No problem. 

Last year was a momentous year. I had huge goals. I would retire. We would celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. We would travel to Europe. I would celebrate ten years of blogging. We would redo our kitchen. I would write my novel. 

I met all my goals. I still can't believe it. I even wrote my novel.

What next?

I want to learn to use the camera. I want to revise my novel. I want to draw. I want to paint. I want to bake. I want to do yoga. I want to walk. I want to go deeper in my spiritual life. I want to travel. I want to drink my morning coffee. I want to read. I want to blog. I want to write new things.

Play. It all comes down to play.

That's my word for 2019.

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy new year, Deb. Have fun putting your new year word into action...and happy reading too!

  2. I love your word! Enjoy your year of fun, play and enjoyment, exactly what a retired teacher should do!!

  3. Perhaps that is my problem I need to play more. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. 'Play' is a great word. Wish I could join you for the morning coffee!

  5. I love your goals. They are so full of adventure and enjoyment. Hope you achieve them all!

  6. Great choice of a word; if we all took time to play I think we'd all be a lot happier.

  7. Wonderful word! I'm with Kay - I would love to join you for your morning coffee AND your walks. I have a 35mm camera that I have thought about learning how to use (other than just switching it to manual), but my phone takes better pictures. The only time I do use the "real" camera is when I need to use the telephoto lens. I would like to learn how to take pictures of the night sky when we're camping, though. Hmmm...


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