Thursday, February 21, 2019

My Fifty Favorite Children's Picture Books and Board Books From 2018

I read over 308 picture books and board books this year for the Children's and Young Adult Bloggers' Award, the Cybils. My full reviews for 189 of these are posted here. My top fifty favorites are (in no particular order):

The Day War CameDavies, NicolaBravo, Nicola Davies, for taking on a difficult subject and...more 
ImagineHerrera, Juan FelipeImagine is the evocative and inspirational autobiography-told-...more 
Holes in the SkyPolacco, PatriciaBefore Trisha’s beloved babushka dies, she tells her grand...more 
Birds of a ColorEloLift the flap of the bird and learn about colors in this delightful...more
Contrary DogsEloContrary Dogs is an interactive board book in which young...more 
Edison: The Mystery of the Missing Mouse TreasureKuhlmann, TorbenA tiny mouse strikes out to find answers to an old...more 
The Rabbit ListenedDoerrfeld, CoriA child builds an amazing structure out of blocks only to...more
Bedtime, Ted!Henn, SophyTed has lots of good reasons to avoid going to bed. Told with...more 
Dear Girl,Rosenthal, Amy KrouseDear Girl is a letter from a mom to her daughter...more
The Day You BeginWoodson, Jacqueline It's not easy to impress me. I was an elementary school...more 
The Rough PatchLies, Brian Evan and his dog do everything together. They especially...more 
Ocean Meets SkyFan, TerryFinn sets sail for the place where ocean meets sky, in...more
Imagine!Colón, RaúlA boy ventures into New York City's Museum of Modern Art,...more 
Hello HelloWenzel, BrendanA colorful introduction to the wide variety of animals in the...more 
Black Bird Yellow SunLight, Steve Dr. Seuss took on the challenge to write a story in fifty words...more 
When Your Llama Needs a HaircutHill, Susanna Leonard A llama needs a haircut, but he doesn't want one. (Are you...more 
But Not the ArmadilloBoynton, SandraI'm a huge Sandra Boynton fan so bear in mind that I gave this ...more 
Hello LighthouseBlackall, SophieThis is the beautiful story of a family's life in a lighthouse...more 
Peek-a-Who?Mroziewicz, ElsaPeek-a-who? What animal makes what sound? Turn the...more
The Remember BalloonsOliveros, Jessie James has a lot of balloons filled with memories but his...more 
Atlas of Imaginary PlacesCassany, MiaTake a trip to places you never knew existed and didn’t...more 
All Are WelcomePenfold, Alexandra With a huge cast of amazingly diverse children, Alexandra...more 
Alma and How She Got Her NameMartinez-Neal, Juana Alma Sofia Esperanza Jose Pura Candela is frustrated with...more 
We Don't Eat Our ClassmatesHiggins, Ryan T. Penelope the T-Rex can't wait to meet her new classmates...more 
If the S in Moose Comes LooseHermann, PeterOh no! The S and E in MOOSE have come loose. Cow must...more 
These Colors Are Bananas: Published in Association with the Whitney Museum of American ArtShopsin, TamaraWe know bananas are yellow, but can they be other colors...more 
Julián Is a MermaidLove, JessicaJulian loves mermaids, and his grandmother finds a way to help...more 
Why The Face?Jullien, JeanWhy the face? Look at the picture. Why is she making that...more 
But First, We Nap: A Little Book about Nap TimeMiles, David WHow many words does it take to tell a story? This little board...more
Khalida and the Most Beautiful SongMoeckel, Amanda A song keeps appearing to Khalida but no one gives her time...more 
The FieldPaul, BaptisteA girl and her friends play a game of pick-up soccer. It's a little...more 
Misunderstood SharkDyckman, Ame It's time for Underwater World with Bob, and right in the middle...more 
AfricvilleGrant, ShauntayWho knew there was an Africville in Canada, a thriving black...more
Mixed: A Colorful StoryChung, ArreeIn the beginning there were just three colors: Red, Yellow,...more 
Mirror PlayShin, MonteThis wildly novel board book challenges children to fold a mirror...more
Let the Children MarchClark-Robinson, Monica In 1963 in Birmingham, Alabama, blacks were still not free...more 
The Old ManV, SarahThe Old Man shares a day in the life of a homeless man...more 
Madeline Finn and the Shelter DogPapp, Lisa Madeline Finn learns about the sadnesses of shelter dogs, and...more 
Whale in a FishbowlHowell, TroyWednesday the whale lived in a fishbowl. Secretly she longed...more 
IslandbornDíaz, JunotLola can't remember much about the island where she was...more 
A Stone for SaschaBecker, Aaron A girl is sad after losing her beloved dog. At the beach she...more
The King of BeesLaminack, Lester L.Henry wants to help his Aunt Lilla with her bees. One day he...more
Drawn TogetherLê, MinhA boy and his grandfather don't speak the same language, but...more
When the Cousins CameYamasaki, KatieCousins come from two different places, and they have...more 
This Is My Eye: A New York StoryVaswani, NeelaA girl roams around New York City and takes beautiful photos...more
The Pink UmbrellaCallot, AmélieAdele and her cafe are the soul of her community. Everyone...more 
Polar Bear IslandBonilla, LindsayOnly polar bears are allowed on Polar Bear Island. The mayor...more 
The Patchwork BikeClarke, Maxine BenebaA girl and her brothers in Africa create their own bike from...more 
Lorraine: The Girl Who Sang the Storm AwaySecor, KetchLorraine and her grandpa make music together. Slowly all their...more 
Night JobHesse, KarenA boy goes with his dad to his night job as a school custodi...more 

The Cybils finalists for 2018 were announced on January 1, 2019.

The Cybils winners were announced on February 14, 2019.


  1. I visited the bookstore last night to pick up a book club read and there was this DARLING picture book by the register. It's called The Bad Seed and the illustrations are so darn cute.
    Make sure you check out the Look Inside feature so you can see the pictures.

  2. Children's books are so wonderful these days. One of my favorites from my daughter's childhood is Today I Feel Silly by Jamie Lee Curtis.

  3. It s good to find children books nowadays


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