Friday, December 13, 2019

#AMonthofFaves The Cook It, Bake It, Drink It or Eat It Edition

This year has been My Year of Baking. Tart Lemon Pie. Clafoutis aux Pêche. Sablés au Citron. Empanadas. Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. Spoonbread. Tiny Quiches. Slab pies. Lemon Bread. Orange Cake. Maximum Pecan Pie. Even the baking that almost killed me, the Kolache.

A wonderful year of baking.

Sablés au Citron.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza.

Cherry Pie and Peach Pie, both made with pâte brisée.


Tiny Quiches.

Slab Pie.

Orange Cake.

Clafoutis aux Pêche.

Lemon Bread.

Peach Pie.



Tart Lemon Pie.

Maximum Pecan Pie.

FRI. | Dec. 13 – #AMonthofFaves The Cook It, Bake It, Drink It or Eat It Edition – share with us this year’s favorite foods, drinks, restaurants or recipes. Or just snap a picture of something you recently enjoyed. Not into Food? Then share your (or family members) Christmas Wishlist. Join this year’s hosts  Girlxoxo and Traveling with T for our annual #AMonthofFaves blog event – a fun way to recap the year that was (Estella’s Revenge is taking a hiatus for this year). We have a schedule of topics planned out, so feel free to join in anytime for some or all of the topics. There will also be a link-up on our blogs so that we can all stop by each other’s posts to leave comments, high fives, good vibes and well wishes.


  1. I think my husband would be very jealous of yours if he saw this blog post! :)

  2. I love anything lemon. Drooling.

    1. I'm a fan of lemons, too. And my sister-in-law, lucky duck, has a lemon tree.

  3. I've been planning my Christmas cookies for a couple of weeks and started yesterday to assemble the ingredients - I thought of a sugar cookie, I thought of lemon shortbread.... and then I sat down to rest and saw your post, and the sablés, so inspiring, so I found a recipe for them and have already mixed the dough and made my logs :-)

    Thank you for the inspiration!!

  4. I am sure that everyone enjoyed your year of baking! Everything looks delicious!

    1. And I loved it so much that I think I'll continue next year.

  5. Wow, I'll have some of each please. :)

  6. Wow indeed. Fabulous baking going on here!

  7. So many gorgeous baked goods--I am drooling! ;-)

  8. Wow, so much talent! They look better than some things I've seen in a bakery!

  9. All look delumptious (as per BFG) Merry Christmas

  10. That's a lot of baking!

  11. These all look amazing! The presentation is perfection!


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