Monday, December 23, 2019

My Life in Books 2019

I picked up this tag from Jean at Howling Library.  It seems fun.  This year I have read (according to Goodreads) 415 books, and so surely I ought to be able to fill this in.

‘My Life in Books 2019’
Using only books you have read this year (2019), answer these questions. Try not to repeat a book title.
  1. In high school I was a— Bookworm, and it was The Age of Innocence.
  2. People might be surprised by— The Benefits of Being an Octopus.
  3. I will never be— The Demon Headmaster or The Wicked King.
  4. My fantasy job is—  The Emperor of Ice CreamAt the Back of the North Wind. 
  5. At the end of a long day I need—  Moonlight Over Paris.
  6. I hate—  Eat Sleep Sit, with No Exit. 
  7. Wish I had—  A Year in Paris.
  8. My family reunions are—  My Family and Other Animals.
  9. At a party you’d find me with—  Artists, Writers, Thinkers, DreamersMy Friend Mr. Leakey and My Friend the Painter, away from the Normal People.
  10. I’ve never been to—  The Narrow Road to the Deep North nor On the Plain of Snakes.
  11. A happy day includes—  Paris Sweets and The Simple Art of Flying.
  12. Mottos I live by:  I'd Rather Be Reading and Just Read.
  13. On my bucket list are —  Writing Down the Bones and Mastering the Art of French Eating.
  14. In my next life, I want to have—  The Secret Wisdom of Nature.
Join me!  Do one too! 


  1. Oh gosh, I find those sorts of things so difficult, but you did a wonderful job! I especially appreciate #12, of course. Have a merry Christmas!

    1. I usually do, too. But I read so many picture books that it was pretty easy to do this year.

  2. So fun! I could use a year in Paris too!

  3. So clever! I'm planning to do this, too.

  4. 415 books?! Wow!!! I barely made it over 50 this year, and my blogging was equally shoddy. But, I do appreciate your visits and friendship. Many blessings for 2020, and let us continue to share good books. Merry Christmas!


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