Monday, February 10, 2020

159 Love Books I Have Read

Here are all the books I have read with "love" in the title. There are 159 books with "love" in the title. (There are only two with "hate" in the title. That's hopeful, I think.)

Some of my favorite book titles are "love" titles.

Many involve Paris...
I Love Paris. 
Everyone Loves Paris.
Paris in Love.
Lessons in Food and Love from a Year in Paris.
Paris I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down.

Or books...
For the Love of Books. 
How to Find Love in a Bookshop.
The Library of Unrequited Love.
The Dewey Decimal System of Love.

Some describe the outer boundaries of love...
When an Elephant Falls in Love.
Hair Love.
Love in the Asylum. 
Love Letters to the Dead.

Some involve some unexpected love objects...
Baby Loves Quarks.
Rosa Loves Dinosaurs.
Cece Loves Science.
Penny Loves Pink.
Miffy Loves New York City.
Mouse Loves Snow.
I Love My White Shoes.
Worm Loves Worm.
Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake.

Some seek to explain love...
The Ingredients of Love.
The Tapestry of Love.
The Colors of Love.
Love Illuminated.
Love's Little Instruction Book.
The Lover's Dictionary.

Love Books by debnance
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  1. That is an amazing list! I looked back at my reviews and only found 6! :-)

    1. I expected to find many more than 159. Six seems like an astonishingly small number.

  2. Apparently I don't read many books with LOVE in the title. I was shocked how few I have.

  3. That's a lot of books! Must have taken a long time to compile this list.

  4. I like the ones with Paris as well. PAris and love seem to go well together haha!

  5. Wow. So many list there. Paris is always be the setting for love story, I supposed.

  6. This is so creative! Love your take on this love freebie! Paris and Love definitely go hand in hand ;)

  7. Incredible list!!! The Olive Farm series, Garden of the Beasts, Mastering the Art of French Eating, An American Summer, Love & Gelato--loved them all. Some more are going on my tbr! Thank you!

  8. What a fun take on this week's topic! I love how you divided them into different categories. Here is my Top Ten Tuesday.

  9. Such a fun interpretation of this week's prompt. Will definitely need to check my shelves for any of these titles.

  10. Nicely done. I don't see any books that I've read but a nice collection of books there.

  11. I love how you were able to find subthemes. I checked, I only have one titles with hate, phew! Actually a great book, The Pilgrim of Hate, Brother Cadfael #10.
    I love many of your books, especially the last one!

  12. I'm glad it's easier to find books with love titles than hate titles. That's definitely hopeful!

    Happy TTT!

  13. It must have been your post that I saw about books with Love in the title. I couldn't remember where it was!
    I had about 70 I think!

  14. Great picks! It makes me curious about going back to my shelves and seeing how many novels I have with 'love' in the title.


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