Saturday, October 24, 2009

Readathon: Hour 10: Faith by Maya Ajmera

My twelfth book of the Readathon!

Faith by Maya Ajmera

With simple text and lots of photographs, Faith shows ways that people of many religions around the world practice their faith. The photographs have short captions that explain the common practices of religions. The common practices include helping others, visiting holy places, reading holy books, singing, celebrating with festivals, and caring for others.

These practices are examined in more detail in the back of the book. The book also includes a glossary.

A taste of Faith:

Main text: "We listen to and learn from others."
Captions: "Listening attentively at a madrassa, or Islamic religious school. Indonesia"
"Children focus on the words of a priest. United States"
"A father teaches his son to sound the shofar at solemn Jewish feasts. United States"


  1. You're a reading machine!!

  2. Woo hoo! You're doing great! Hope you're having fun so far! READ! READ! READ!

  3. Wow, are you updating every hour? That's some dedication! Is it a different book ever time?

  4. I'm updating every time I finish a book or a mini-challenge. That's a lot of updating!


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