Saturday, October 24, 2009

Readathon: Hour 9: Feed Me, Rocky! MiniChallenge

Mmmm. What food passages have appeared in the eleven books I've read since the start of the Readathon?

From Eleanor, Quiet No More:"Franklin (her husband) made Eleanor (Roosevelt) happy, but his mother, Sara, didn't. Sara told Eleanor what clothes to buy and what food to serve."

"From early morning to midnight, Eleanor organized women to knit warm clothes for sailors and make coffee and sandwiches for men going off to war (World War I)."

From Creature ABC:"Gg Giraffes have long necks so they can scan the African grasslands for predators while they munch on treetops."

"Oo They (screech owls) hunt for insects, reptiles, and small mammals and will even dive into shallow waters to catch crayfish."

"Yy In the wild, they (yellow canaries) eat weeds, grasses, and figs."

"Zz A zebra's teeth keep growing for its entire life because constant eating wears them down."

From Bring Me Some Apples and I'll Make You a Pie:Too many to write down. There are entries about strawberries and strawberry shortcake, wild greens, sassafras tea, honey, cherries and cherry pie, blackberry cobbler, peaches and peach ice cream, tomatoes and tomato sandwiches, watermelon pickles, corn on the cob and cornbread, speckled butter beans, grape jam, apple butter and apple cider and applesauce and apple crisp, nut-butter cookies and walnut bread, along with recipes for many of these.

From Jackson and Bud's Bumpy Ride:"It (Winton Company) holds a bamquet in Jackson's honor. Tables piled high with food stretch before the hungry and tired travelers. After the meager pickings on their journey, they've gone to feasting heaven."

From Camping with the President:"The President was starving! He wrestled the fry pan from Charlie. Before long, bacon-scented smoke drifted into the forest. Then the President scrambled six eggs beside the slab of bacon."

"While the President chewed his way through a platter of steak and fried potatoes, Muir spoke of the need to...(protect Yosemite)."

From The Secret World of Walter Anderson:"While the sun was still sleeping, Walter Anderson would get ready for a trip to his favorite place to paint....He packed apples and raisins and peanut butter and rice."

"When Walter was hungry, he often had a mystery feast, because the cans of food he brought would get wet and the labels would slide off."

"He cooked over a fire. Sometimes he would eat whatever washed up. A jar of pickles, an orange---there was always something on the beach."

"Once there were seven or eight miles of bananas! Food was scarse on the island and the animals seemed to dance around all those bananas on the sand. And Walter painted them."

From If America Were a Village:"But 13 people in the village (out of 100) are considered food insecure, which means they have trouble finding resources to put food on the table. Eighty-seven people do have access to adequate food. Sixty-five people are overweight."

From Pony Island:
"Meager forage.
Frozen oats.
Winter blizzard.
Shaggy coats."

From Winter's Tail:
"In the wild, baby dolphins drink their mother's milk until they are about two years old. Winter was so young that she would not know how to eat a fish if they offered it to her."

From What Can You Do With an Old Red Shoe?
"Use a lunchbox instead of a paper bag to carry your lunch to school."

From Unite or Die (and this is a stretch!):
A picture of a bake sale as the people enter the auditorium to see the presentation of Unite or Die.


  1. What a GREAT picture!!

    You're doing great Deb--really rockin' the readathon!

  2. I like the quote from Pony Island best. I find the quote from If America Were a Village a bit mysitifying. I did a double take at the term "food insecure", not sure what a kid would make of it. It seems a very odd turn of phrase to use in a kids book.


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