Saturday, October 24, 2009

Readathon: A MiniChallenge (Unexpected and Ongoing)

I'm a competitive person. I don't mean to be. But I am.

I'm always visiting other blogs and noticing that everyone has more followers than I do.

I want more followers.

So here is my unauthorized and unexpected and ongoing challenge for the Readathon:

Click to become my follower at the right hand side of my blog. Leave a comment here telling me you became my follower. I will choose five new followers to receive one of my many lovely available BookCrossing books.


  1. Such a pitiful plea, how could I resist? I set myself to follow, although I sort of was already following, as I have you on my blogroll and it tells me when you've updated. And no please don't feel obliged to send anything to Australia, it's just too far and too expensive. Bet you weren't counting on international fame when you started all this......

  2. I can be quite the drama queen, especially when I do not win. Like prizes in a readathon. Or when I do not have the most of something. Like followers.

    So thank you, Louise. And I would be happy to send you a book. Here's my real e-mail: debnance at gmail dot com.

    And since I had such an (under)whelming response to this sad little plea, I will keep it open for to the end of the month. Just in case there are others out there who will feel sorry for me and follow.

  3. I am now following you.
    A idea
    If you want more followers you can do a giveaway post and name a gentley used book that you are giving away and say if they want to enter just follow you. It is kind of what you are doing just in a little different wording. I hope you get lots of followers.

  4. I'm already following you using Google Reader but now I'm also following you on Blogger also.


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