Saturday, October 24, 2009

Readathon: Hour 12: Wrestling the ABCs

Could this be book #15? Yes, it is! With eleven hours of reading and eating M&Ms and Hershey's Kisses behind me, I'm ready to review Wrestling the ABCs.

Wrestling the ABCs: Creating Character and Fostering Fitness by Tom and Veronica Davids

Kids are always begging me for books about wrestling at my library, but I have the strong feeling that this is not the kind of wrestling book they are seeking.

I know nothing about wrestling, so this book was honestly the first time I have learned anything about it, other than what I've heard about it through the grapevine.

It looks like something kids would like to do. A lot of tossing and flipping down and pinning. Definitely not a sport for the reading crowd I hang out with.

The illustrations were for me the best part of the book. They are little cartoons and are very clever and funny. I'm not sure what the kids would think of it, but the little rhymes on each page were a little too ta-da-da-da ta-da-da-dee for me. The information about famous wrestlers did not light up a single bulb in my mind; surely, there is one wrestler in the world I have heard of? But perhaps not.

A few things I questioned:

"A wrestler's uniform consists of a singlet, headgear, and wrestling shoes. Knee pads, mouth guards, and tights are optional." Hey, what about the feather boas and the hip boots?

"Wrestling teams travel all over the world, bringing their different styles and cultures to share with others. Wrestling makes the world a wonderful place." Wrestling makes the world a wonderful place? Hmmm. Is that so?

"C is for your coach,
Who trains and teaches you.
With conditioning and calisthenics,
He'll make a champion out of you!"

Conditioning and calisthenics? Isn't there an extra syllable in there somewhere, Dr. Bill?

For me, as with all the nominees, the final test is with the kids. Let's see what they think about this book.

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  1. I think I need conditioning and calisthenics..... :) Happy Reading!


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