Saturday, October 24, 2009

Readathon: Hour 18: Pharaoh's Boat

Pharoah's Boat by David Weitzman

In 1954, a crew of men found a secret wall. As they began to dig at the wall, they were amazed to discover a boat built almost 4,600 years ago.

This book is the story of the unearthing of that boat, the process the men went through to rebuild it, and the amazing patience of the leader of the men.

I don't know why, but books like these go right over my head. Lots and lots of things were unclear to me, but it may just be my own lack of understanding.

An example:
"The rope lashing did more than just hold the hull together. When sewn ships like this were launched, the wood soaked up water like a sponge and expanded. At the same time, the rope shrank as it got wet, pulling the planks together and closing any little spaces between them to make the ship watertight."

Comments from children:
“I liked the pictures but there were too many words.”
“I liked the whole idea of how they made the boat. I liked the ropes, the ax, and how it was put together.”
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  1. And this quote is exactly what I love about the book. The science is great, and I'm just awed that folks 4000 years ago figured this out.


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