Saturday, November 7, 2009

About Penguins: A Guide for Children

About Penguins: A Guide for Children by Cathryn Sill

About Penguins is just that: about penguins. Each two page spread contains a picture that is as detailed as a photograph and a sentence about the picture. Each sentence is clearly written and is an interesting fact that kids want to know.

In the afterword to the book, the author expands upon the sentence and provides a paragraph of information about each picture.

Here are three pages of text from the book:
“Some penguins build nests on top of the ground.
Others dig burrows under the ground.
Others have no nest. They hold the egg and then the chick on their feet.”

Children’s comments:
This book was perfect for the children at my school, PreK to second grade. Even some of the kindergarteners could read it. The pictures were inviting. The subject matter is popular with this group as well. Everyone rated it very high, with all 5’s and 4’s.

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