Sunday, November 15, 2009

Could I Read 300 Books This Year?

It's still a month and half to the end of the year and I'm sitting pretty at 276 books read so far. I could, possibly, hit 300 this year.

Wait. Let me say that again: I could, possibly, hit 300 books read this year.

That's more than the average American adult reads in...well, 300 years! I'm a reading machine!

After reading sixty-six children's nonfiction picture books in a row, I must say I am eager to read a few grownup books soon. I'm working my way slowly through Gone With the Wind. And I'm thinking about The Book Thief again as yet another copy has found its way to me. (Every time I get a copy of Book Thief, I try a little and give up and pass it on only to read a rave review within hours of sending the book out into the world. Sigh. I must plug ahead and really read the book this time.)

What else?

Perfect Fifths. Somehow this book's arrival slipped past my radar.

East. I'm halfway through. Get with it, Debbie.

Snow. I hope to read this before Pamuk's visit to Houston after Christmas.

The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey. See East.

Shop Class as Soulcraft. I'm toying with setting this one aside. Everything I've read so far seems apparent. So, to finish or not to finish?

And another fifty or so books started but not completed, awaiting me under my bed....

Think I'll spend the rest of this day reading...and maybe visiting a few blogs....


  1. You're doing great! East is one of my favorite books. I stayed up all night once to read it. The Book Thief is worth reading. Have a great Sunday.

  2. I love your picture! I wish you good luck in reaching your goal...Go!Go!Go!

  3. How amazing! 300!

    I am interested to read what you think about Snow. . .

  4. The Book Thief is one of those books that I felt compelled to read after all the glowing reviews, and it left me sad. Sadder than I even want to think about. Okay, it depressed the h..l out of me. Sure, that's what death and WWII do, but it's not something I loved reading about, even if the book's point of view was out of the ordinary.

    300 books is a lofty, and worthy, goal. I hope you achieve it, while I sit and admire you from afar at my double digit 98. ;)

  5. I'll be lucky if I read 50 books this year. It's by far the slowest reading year I've ever had. :(
    300 is an awesome amount!!

    I agree with Bellezza about The Book Thief. It is very sad, but I loved the characters and story and it wound up on my Top Ten for Life! I'd love to hear what you think. It did take me a little bit to get interested, but I think it was worth the extra effort.

  6. See, The Book Thief confuses me. The same person will tell me they loved it and hated it! I suppose I really must find out for myself.

  7. Love your picture. You must be like that all time if you've read 276 books so far this year. That's insane, in a good way. Way to go! I'm rooting for you to hit the 300 mark.

  8. Wow! 300? Now is that all adult books or are you including children's books too?

  9. No, there're probably seventy-five children's books in there. But the children's books are ones I've read over and over and over....I'm trying to come up with a shortlist for the Cybils nonfiction picture book award.

  10. Okay, I know I read a lot, but even I tend to hover around 100 books a year (well, I don't read picture they count? I've used some for R.E. classes...)

    That's impressive.

  11. 300? That's incredible. I hope you make it!

  12. 300 books is amazing, I am quite jealous. I've always wanted to read Gone With the Wind, perhaps when you gain the motivation to read Middlemarch I will gain the motivation to read Gone with the Wind haha.

  13. The Book Thief took my breath away. and BEST to you on making it to 300 books! yippee!! shopclass as soulcraft? I'm off to go look that one up. :)

  14. 300 is incredible. I'm at about 50 so far and I thought that was good. LOL


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