Sunday, November 8, 2009

59 Books in 6 Weeks!

It sounds like a National Enquirer headline. I've been reading. I've been reading a lot. Yes, fifty-nine books in the last 6 weeks!

Fantastic reads! Not a bad one in the lot. All nonfiction. All children's picture books. Penguins. First cross-country trip across America. John Brown. The first moon landing. Butterflies and moths. The American Revolution. The friendship of an elephant and a dog. Jacques Cousteau. Zero. Gertrude Stein. Darwin. And more Darwin. And even more Darwin. Even philosophy for kids.

Here, in one spot, I'm compiling my reviews to the Cybils nonfiction picture book nominees. Some are not yet read and reviewed. And, in the interest of full disclosure, I will say that I have received many publisher's review copies of these. However, only two arrived as a publisher's review copy before I received a copy from the library system (American Revolution and Q is for Question).

14 Cows for America
About Penguins
The American Revolution from A to Z
Balarama: A Royal Elephant
Beautiful Ballerina
Boo Boo Bear's Mission: The True Story of a Teddy Bear's Adventures in Iraq
Bring Me Some Apples and I'll Make You a Pie
Bubble Homes and Fish Farts
Building on Nature
Camping With the President
The Champion of Children: The Story of Janusz Korczak
Coretta Scott
Creature ABC
Cycle of Rice, Cycle of Life
Darwin: With Glimpses into his Private Journals and Letters
Day-Glo Brothers
Down Down Down
The East-West House: Noguchi's Childhood in Japan
Eleanor, Quiet No More
Faces of the Moon
The Fantastic Undersea Life of Jacques Cousteau
Gertrude is Gertrude is Gertrude is Gertrude
Haunted Houses
If America Were a Village
In Her Hands: The Story of Sculptor Augusta Savage
In the Trees, Honey Bees!
It's a Snap!
Jackson and Bud's Bumpy Ride
John Brown: His Fight for Freedom
Just the Right Size
Keep On!
Let There Be Peace
Life in the Boreal Forest
Life-Size Zoo
A Lion's Mane
Listen to the Wind
Living Sunlight
Mermaid Queen
Mind Your Manners, Alice Roosevelt!
My Japan
Nasreen's Secret School: A True Story from Afghanistan
Nic Bishop: Butterflies and Moths
Nugget on the Flight Deck
One Beetle Too Many
One Giant Leap
Pharoah's Boat
Pippo the Fool
Pony Island
Q is for Question
River of Dreams: The Story of the Hudson River
S is for Story
Secret World of Walter Anderson
Shaping Up the Year
Shining Star
Sky High
Tarra and Bella
The Twelve Days of Christmas in Minnesota
Tyrannosaurus Math
Unite or Die
What Can You Do With an Old Red Shoe
What Darwin Saw
Where Else in the Wild?
Winter's Tail
Wrestling the ABCs
Yellowstone Moran: Painting the American West
You Are the First Kid on Mars
A Young Dancer
You've Never Heard of Sandy Koufax?
Zero is the Leaves on the Tree

*For convenience, I'm going to list all the nonfiction picture book nominees here and update here after I've read and reviewed all 73 titles.


  1. You did great. And you read some wonderful books too.

    Keep it up!

    Here is my Sunday Salon post!

  2. What a great job!I'm not on the Cybils panel but I love reading as many books as possible from the nominee lists.

  3. What a neat way to look at all of these books!

  4. Wow, you're a reading machine! Congrats on getting through so many titles.

  5. Wowee, that's a pile! Good for you!

  6. Holy buckets! That is one lot of books. Have you made any determinations yet?

  7. Right now, I have a shortlist of about fifty books!


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