Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dinosaur by Stephanie Stansbie

Dinosaur by Stephanie Stansbie

Wow! I can see this will probably be very popular with the kids! The cover is a scary picture of a dinosaur with long, bloody teeth. The title is written in gold letters. Inside are pages that fold open, pockets with papers inside that pull out, windows, all containing little snippets of information about dinosaurs. It has a beautiful, fun look.

The text is actually quite high level, certainly beyond the readers at a primary school. But, like many books of this ilk, it is not really a book designed to be read, paragraph after paragraph, page after page; it’s designed to be read in little chunks, as one wishes.

A random snippet:
“As the biggest predator in its area, the Albertosaurus would not have needed camouflage to hide from attackers. But it could have crept up on speedier prey if it had blended into the trees like a brown bear. Perhaps it was speckled with spots like a hyena to blur its outline further.”

Children’s comments:
The cover was so inviting that everyone wanted to look at this book. But, when they opened it, and looked through it, the children realized it was too hard for them to read.

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