Saturday, November 7, 2009

Haunted Houses: The Unsolved Mystery by Lisa Wade McCormick

Haunted Houses: The Unsolved Mystery by Lisa Wade McCormick

An absolutely perfect haunted house book for an elementary school library. The pictures are spooky without being horrifying and the text is mysterious and provocative but not nightmarish. The text is simple enough for even young readers to attempt it. It tells just the barest of facts about haunted houses, just right for elementary readers.

I got a quick look at this book last week when a book salesman visited my library. I liked it so much that I bought it for my school library.

A little of this book:
“What Are Haunted Houses?
Strange events happen in
haunted houses. Some people
hear screams. Others see lights
turn on and off by themselves.”

Children’s comments:

This book was a big hit with the group of children who looked at it. The group consisted of half kindergarteners and half first graders and they were equally divided between boys and girls. They all wanted to check it out, they said. They were very interested in haunted houses. The text and the pictures were scary, they said, but not so scary that they would not want to read it. They seemed to understand the words.

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