Sunday, November 15, 2009

Where Else in the Wild?

Where Else in the Wild?
More Camouflaged Creatures Concealed…and Revealed
by David M. Schwartz

Where Else in the Wild? is a book of clever photographs with camouflaged animals hidden among the world in which they reside. Each photograph contains a clue written as a poem. The camouflaged animal is revealed by lifting the page.

The poems are delightful. My favorite has to be “Ambushed.” The information about the animal is expounded upon on once the reader opens up the oversized page. Each animal selected is fascinating and remarkable.

A bit:
“If there were Olympic Games for underwater camouflage, the scorpionfish would take the gold! One of nature’s camouflage champions, the scorpionfish is the opposite of what most people expect of a tropical fish. It is not sleek, graceful, or brightly colored. Its color is a mottled mixture of gray, brown, and black. This strange-looking fish blends so well into a reef or rocky ocean bottom that you’d have trouble finding one, even if you knew exactly where to look!”

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