Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nugget on the Flight Deck by Patricia Newman

Nugget on the Flight Deck by Patricia Newman

Kids can’t get enough of our military and their jeeps and tanks and airplanes and ships. Kids will love this one.

Nugget on the Flight Deck is written in present tense, as if you, the reader, are accompanying me, the guide, on a trip up in fighter plane. The lingo is filled with jargon used by military pilots.

The pictures are action packed. The text is action packed.

I’m probably one of the people in the world who knows very little about flying or the military, but I loved reading this book.

A clip:
“Watch this. We’ll slow down and pull up hard into a high yo-yo. Hold on to your stomach! When Mookie flies by, we’ll drop down behind him. He’s in our sights now, and he knows it. Dogfight over! Give him a wave to thank him for the practice.”

Children’s comments:
This book was an unexpected big hit with half of the children in the large group who previewed it---the boys. The boys loved the pictures and loved the way the text was written, almost like a game, as one boy said. And there was one girl who really loved it, but the rest of the girls were not interested in it.

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